Toy Review: The NobEssence Seduction

The NobEssence Seduction fills me with joy—rhythmic ripples of orgasmic euphoria that spreads throughout my whole body. It’s a delight.

Much like the smooth elegance of its shape, the Seduction sways you into rolling orgasms which meet a strong peak no matter which side you use. It’s a fantastic G-Spot toy as well as being a stunning object to own in terms of beauty and form.

So let’s look at this toy in more depth.

The NobEssence Seduction comes in a lovely storage box.
The NobEssence Seduction comes in a lovely storage box.

The NobEssence Seduction is an S-shaped wooden dildo made by NobEssence. NobEssence is currently leading the market when it comes to wooden sex toys. They use sustainably managed hardwoods in order to creature their organic, hand-crafted pleasure products. Each of their designs is created with pleasure, functional quality, and health & sustainability in mind—making for a guilt-free, enjoyable and long lasting product.

NobEssence products are durable and, if treated well, can last for many, many years. The coating used by NobEssence is an impermeable polymer coating which is hypoallergenic, scent-free, water-resistant, chemical and bacteria resistant, and Phthalate-free. A lot has gone into working out this special ‘Lubrosity’ coating which allows the wood to be completely safe for use without corroding or losing integrity over time.

If ever in doubt about the quality of your product, NobEssence also has a section on its website that lets you know how to test to see if your dildo is still fit for use.

The coating used on NobEssence toys is sleek, smooth and requires very little lube to give it a considerable amount of slide. This works well with the shape of the Seduction and brings out the best in its design.

Either side of the Seduction can be used for different sensations.
Either side of the Seduction can be used for different sensations.

The Seduction has two useable sides—a bulbed end and a more rounded, smooth end. The blubled end has a rather thin shaft and tips off with a bulb that isn’t quite as large as the Comet, but which still has a similar angle. This bulb is smaller than the head of the Comet wands and, therefore, may seem less intimidating to people new to G-Spotting or insertable toys. The same cannot be said about the other side of the Seduction.

At a 6 inch circumference and with a no real increment to ease you into the process, the thicker side of the Seduction looks like a mighty beast indeed.  Contrasted with the rather narrow shaft of the bulbed end, it can sometimes look like the thick end of the Seduction is the sex toy equivalent of the Everest. It did for me, at least. I severely underestimated just how thick that part of the Seduction would be and, when I saw it, I couldn’t help but gulp with both apprehension and excitement.

Thankfully the Seduction is perfectly designed to help you tackle its thicker end.

Because this toy is so smooth it responds well to lubricant and is more eager to slide in then, say, silicone might be. In addition to this the narrow bulbed end of the Seduction can be used as ample warm-up before trying to attempt the larger end. Both of these qualities combined allow tackling the chunky hunk of wood that makes up the thick side a relative breeze.

This was my experience. I thought it would take me a few goes before I could take the thick end, but I managed it on the very first use. After a bit of warm up play (and some clitoral stimulation with the Tango) I could easily move from the bulbed side of the Seduction to the thicker one. Taking things slowly, taking the time to enjoy myself, and relaxing was key—and I recommend these steps highly if you’re apprehensive about the size of the Seduction. And, oh boy, working up to the Seduction’s thicker head sure is worth it.

Both sides of the Seduction provide fantastic stimulation but, much as with the Habu, these sensations are totally unique.

The bulbed side of the Seduction is great for locating your G-Spot and giving it a good amount of contact. It doesn’t take long when slipping this side in before it probes around and locates just the right area for G-Spot satisfaction. Using a rapid wiggle technique I found that this side can prod and stimulate the G-Spot in just the right way for very strong, unmistakeable G-Spot orgasms. It’s not the best at prolonging these orgasms, but when you have an orgasm with this side it comes on strong.

In contrast the thick end of the Seduction excels at a sense of fullness, which helps aid in satisfaction, while still locating the G-Spot with relative ease. This side of the Seduction provides less of a probing prod and more of a broad caress. Because of the toy’s thickness you also have the sensation of fullness, which accompanies the sensations of hitting the G-Spot. While I found this fullness and breadth of sensation enjoyable people who prefer a more precise and zoned-in sensation might find this side to be a bit too thick for comfort.

Personally I found that this side of the Seduction was better at prolonging the sensations of orgasm, while still providing strong sensations upon climaxing. These sensations were a bit less prominent than the bulbed side but I actually prefer the thicker side of the Seduction due to the mixed sensations and the extended experience that it provides. Plus there’s a certain accomplishment that you feel after tackling a larger toy.

On that note the Seduction is also a good toy for helping you work your way up to bigger toys. Because wood is so smooth and sleek it allows for easier insertion then other materials might. From there the Seduction works to warm you up before you decide to take on larger toys—acting as a generous intermediary, as well as a fantastic toy in its own right.

In addition to all of this the Seduction is stunning.

The Lubrosity coating used really allows the natural colouration of the wood to shine through, and allows some of the natural grain to come to the foreground. This gives the NobEssence Seduction a natural elegance which makes you just want to wave it in other people’s face and go “Look at how stunning my dildo is!”

The Lubrosity coating brings out the best in the exotic woods used to make the Seduction.
The Lubrosity coating brings out the best in the exotic woods used to make the Seduction.

This smooth coating also makes the Seduction a breeze to clean. Simply wash it with warm water and non-abrasive soap or wipe it down with an anti-bacterial cleaner and you’re done. Simple.

So are there any downsides to the Seduction? Well not really. Not in the sense of any fundamental flaws or terrible design choices, but there are still a few things worth commenting on.

The first thing is that if you’re not into G-Spotting or P-Spotting then you probably won’t get much use out of this toy. It has a very specific purpose, and it excels at this purpose, but it doesn’t really have much use outside of that. Only get the Seduction if you’re interested in G/Spotting or P-Spotting.

The second noteworthy element is that the thick end of the Seduction might just be too big for some people’s liking. Don’t get me wrong, if you think you aren’t prepared for larger toys yet, but want to work up to them, then the Seduction is a great toy for this. Its larger side also isn’t as intimidating or difficult as it might seem at first. However if you have absolutely no interest in thicker toys then you’ll have to ask yourself if it’s worth paying for a toy that you can only half-use.

And that’s the biggest issue with the Seduction—the price. At $160.00 (about £95, accurate May 2014) without shipping on top the Seduction is definitely a pricey purchase. However this toy does deliver varied and top-notch G-Spot stimulation and is built to last.

Final Thoughts

The Seduction isn’t my favourite G-Spot toy but it is up there with the best of them. While I do feel like the bulbed side isn’t as effective as the Comet (probably due to the lack of matte silicone adding some grip) the thicker side blows me away and both provide solid orgasms that I cannot express in words.

Yes, this toy is very pricey, but, at the end of the day, it isn’t just a lump of wood. The Seduction is an elegant and masterful creation which knows just how to please and will most likely make you feel like it was money well-spent. As such if you can save up for the Seduction and you’re a G-Spot enthusiast, then I recommend that you do. You’ll be making a solid investment in your future satisfaction.

 Recommend to:

People who like G-Spot stimulation.

People who want an eco-friendly toy.

People who want to train for larger toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People looking for a clitoral toy.

People who dislike girthy toys.

People who would rather use a less pricey toy.

  • This sounds perfect for me. I often think that the Comet’s bulb is a bit too big and grippy for easy insertion (though it feels amazing inside me). A toy with a smaller, smoother bulb would be nice, and the large end looks similar in size to the Two-Cumber I’m working up to.
    Plus I fall into every category of people you recommend this beauty to. Clearly I need it!

  • Thanks for the great review – I’m so glad you liked the Seduction so much.

    I wanted to let your readers know that we are offering 15% off anything in the store till May 11th. Check our blog at

    I know our Sculptures appear expensive, but we haven’t increased the price at all since we launched in 2007! We work on improving our process so we can avoid price increases.

    Happy Friday!

    • emmelinepeaches

      You’re welcome! It’s a fantastic product and definitely worth the investment. I appreciate your attempts to keep the price the same and I’m sure my readers will too.