Toy Review: Shots Toys Revelation

Ever since the popularity of the Rabbit Vibrator people have come to love the shape and effectiveness of the tiny tips of the rabbit’s vibrating ears. In fact this is the only thing that some people enjoy about rabbit vibrators. I’m sure I’m not the only person who chose to neglect my rabbit vibe’s shaft in preference for just using the rabbit ears on my clitoris and toys like the Revelation are testament to this.

The Revelation is elegantly designed.
The Revelation is elegantly designed.

Shots Toys Revelation cuts out the shaft of a rabbit vibe and focuses primarily on the rabbits ears—the most effective part for clitoral stimulation. However, whilst this is a great idea in theory, it’s hard for me to get excited about the Revelation in practice.

So let’s look at why.

The Revelation is a 10-pattern clitoral vibrator. It’s powered by 2xAAA batteries which come with the toy (meaning you can enjoy the Revelation right away). Its exterior is made of body-safe silicone and, as with most Shots Toys, I really like the feel of this silicone. Unlike some silicone toys, the Revelation’s silicone isn’t too grabby, despite having a rather velvety texture to it. This velvety smoothness gives the Revelation a silky sensation which makes it well suited for stroking the vulva.

In addition to this, the Revelation is waterproof—meaning you can enjoy its benefits under water and making it incredibly easy to clean.

The Revelation's control panel is easy to use.
The Revelation’s control panel is easy to use.

One of the best features of the Revelation is its control panel. The Revelation comes with four easy controls—one to turn the toy on and off, one to change the settings, one to increase the vibrations and one to decrease them. These buttons are composed in such a way that they’re easy to press and to operate and make use a breeze. I’m also very happy that this vibe has an instant off button—as this comes in handy if you have room mates, or need to instantly switch your toy off for any other reason. Thankfully this toy is also rather quiet.

As I said before, there are 10 different patterns for the Revelation. Each of these has their own different rhythm that would appeal to people who like to play around with patterns. Add the fact that you can increase or decrease the power of these vibrations and, theoretically, you have a lot of diversity to play around with.

The shape of the Revelation helps position it for clitoral stimulation.
The shape of the Revelation helps position it for clitoral stimulation.

The vibrations from the Revelation stay in the buzzy range.

They do have a bit of depth to them, but they’re never incredibly powerful. Instead this toy seems to rely on the combination between the rabbit ears, the pattern variation, and mid-level vibrations to try and prompt orgasm.

Because these vibrations aren’t incredibly powerful I wouldn’t recommend this toy to anyone who considers themselves to be a power queen. However, people who appreciate lower and mid-level buzzy vibrations might find that the Revelation’s vibrations combined with its overall shape lend the toy a lot of appeal.

This wasn’t the case for me.

While I do really appreciate the shape of this toy, the vibrations are too weak and too shallow to give any meaningful stimulation. In addition to this, while this toy boasts 10 different patterns, that’s all it has—patterns. There is no consistent speed setting. As someone who rarely ever uses patterns (and almost never enjoys them) this left me feeling a bit unenthused about the Revelation. It’s fair to say I’m not the target user.

The Revelation also has some other, more general issues.

While the control panel is great, the buttons are a bit too easy to accidentally press. This means that, depending on where your hand is, you do run the risk of accidentally turning the vibe off altogether during use. And, as with most vibes, because there is only a single button to sift through the patterns, if you accidentally turn your toy off (or press the pattern button) then you have to flick through the patterns to get back to where you want to be again.

Another big issue with the Revelation is that, while there is an option to decrease or increase the speed, the power differences between each increment of speed are so minimal that, at times, you’re left wondering if you’re even making an impact by pressing these buttons. I played around with the power buttons a lot and the change really is negligible until you get to the lowest setting.

These are the only real issues with the Revelation though, as the toy has no other glaring flaws.

Final Thoughts

For me I would classify the Revelation as a potential warm up toy. It has enough power to build me up, but not to take me to orgasmic levels of sensation. For others this may be different.

What’s important to note about the Revelation is that, while it’s by no means a bad toy, it’s hardly a revelation.

The Revelation contributes a fairly decent, body-safe, mid-level vibrator to the sex toy market, but doesn’t bring anything new to the plate. People who like gentle and buzzy vibrations (or people who are looking for a good warm-up vibe) may find that they can get a lot of use out of the Revelation.

While I hated the lack of a consistent speed, people who prefer patterns (but hate that most toys come with a consistent speed) may find themselves giddy at the prospect of a toy on the market that cuts out the constant speeds and, instead, opts for 10 varying patterns. It’s all about perspective.

I may not have got much from this vibrator but I can tell that it’s not a bad vibe and will do the job for some. If you like what you’ve heard in this review then it could just be that the Revelation is the vibe for you.

Recommend to:

People who like mid-to-low vibrations.

People who like buzzy vibrations.

People who love patterns.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who consider themselves power queens.

People who prefer rumbly, deep vibrations.

People who dislike patterns.