Some Thoughts On: The Crash Pad Series

The Crash Pad Series makes me so happy. Every time I look through the site I’m left with a giddy, satisfied grin which lets me know that there’s so much to love about what I’m seeing.

So what is The Crash Pad Series?

The Crash Pad Series is based on the award winning feminist queer porn The Crash Pad, which also sets up the overall scenario and rules for The Crash Pad Series.

The fictional ‘Crash Pad’ in which the performers indulge themselves can only be entered by use of a small golden key. If given this key you can go to the ‘Crash Pad’ and indulge in your desires, but there are rules.

  1. If you go to the ‘Crash Pad’ you have to call. If no one picks up it’s vacant, but is first come, first serve.
  2. If you’re in the ‘Crash Pad’ you must either leave the phone off the hook, pick up the phone to let people know you’re in there or, if you’re feeling so inclined, invite them over.
  3. You can only use the key seven times. And no cheating, they know.

This ‘they’ is the Keymaster—a voyeuristic presence which observes every intimate moment in the ‘Crash Pad’. Each episode will also come with a handy description, penned by the Keymaster to let you know what sort of material you’ll soon be watching.

Occasionally you’ll get glimpses of the Keymaster, watching whatever desirable detail caught their eye, but the Keymaster is never too prevalently present. This means that you can either take pleasure from the fact that the Keymaster is watching the performers or, alternatively, easily imagine yourself taking the place of the Keymaster—playing witness to the actions unfolding.

This is a really nice element to The Crash Pad Series, and works as an effective method to set up the motivation behind the performers, as well as allow viewers an easy way to project themselves into the fantasy being woven. However, this isn’t my favourite part of The Crash Pad Series.

What I love above all else is how inclusive, varied, and generally representative The Crash Pad Series is.

The Crash Pad Series is pitched as bringing “authentic female and queer sexuality” to the viewer (there are no fake orgasms on display here) and it succeeds brilliantly at doing so. At The Crash Pad Series you’ll see lesbians, femme on femme, boi, gender-queer, transgendered performers, gender fluid performers, and all kinds of gender play. In addition to this celebration of queer sexuality there is an array of kink and fetish play for audiences and a full-spectrum representation of different body shapes and sizes.

Oh and, also, safe sex practices. As if The Crash Pad Series couldn’t get any more awesome.

As someone who has never fit the norm in terms of body-type or sexuality, I couldn’t be happier to see such a varied representation on display. In addition to this all of the performers feel honest. They all seem to be having a good time, they stop when they need to, they ask for consent in natural ways, and you can tell they’re enjoying themselves.

Every time I see the performers laugh at a joke they’ve just made between each

other my heart melts a little bit. It all feels so natural and substantial.

A lot of work must have gone into The Crash Pad Series to capture this natural feel and to be able to appeal to so many people in terms of representation and I really admire that. I admire the hardwork and dedication that every person has put into this porn and it really does just cheer me up to know that a porn series like this exists.

Good job The Crash Pad Series. You’re doing it right.

I’ll be talking about The Crash Pad Series more in my next installment of ‘Some Thoughts On…’—in which I’ll be mentioning some of my favourite episodes.

Until then. x