Update: Dee Lee Doo Dildos

Hello my dear readers,

As I’m sure most of you know I posted up a very positive review of the Dee Lee Doo Habu yesterday (which can be found here). I was incredibly impressed with the toy’s shape and effectiveness as a G-Spot toy.

However it has emerged today on Twitter that Dee Lee Doo’s products might not be as consistently reliable as I had hoped.

I mentioned in my review that I had accidentally been given a Boa instead of a Habu first time around. While using the Dee Lee Doo Boa I also noticed that, after just a few uses, the toy’s varnish seemed to deteriorate and leave the toy with marks. These marks became apparent after about four uses (during which I used water-based lube and washed the dildo by rinsing it with soap and water).

The damage on my Boa showed up after just a few uses.
The damage on my Boa showed up after just a few uses.

These marks felt rougher than the rest of the toy and, when run under water, became darker in colouration. Because this did cause concern I contacted Iris (showing her some photos of the damage) who was rather distraught to hear that this had happened to my Boa. She told me that she had yet to encounter this problem before and was eager to replace the toy.

When I showed these photos to the Dee Lee Doo creator she assured me she'd never encountered this problem before.
When I showed these photos to the Dee Lee Doo creator she assured me she’d never encountered this problem before.

My replacement, the Habu, arrived quickly and seemed to have no damage. Because I had problems with the Boa I did a few tests on the Habu to make sure that it was just a one-off incident. My Habu showed no signs of damage or wear after these tests, and was fine during use, so I was pretty confident I’d just managed to get a faulty toy (for those who don’t know this tends to happen to me).

However, today on Twitter Dangerous Lilly asked a question that peaked my attention:


I voiced my experiences with the Boa and was surprised to find that I wasn’t alone in my experiences.

A Roll in the Hay has also reported problems with her Dee Lee Doo products. For her neither of her Habu’s lasted very long:


Like me, Property of Potter has done a test on her Dee Lee Doo product by submerging it in water for three minutes or so (maybe a bit less). For a couple of hours, she saw no negative reaction:


However, after a few hours, she went back to examine the dildo and, well:

potter 2

But not everyone’s experiences were so bad.

Cara Sutra, has also used a Dee Lee Doo product with no problems, and loved it:


The same goes for Bedroom Bondage:


At the end of the day sex toy reviewers seem to have mixed opinions as to whether or not Dee Lee Doo’s products are as long-lasting or reliable as expected.

Having had both a Dee Lee Doo product that showed wear after a few uses and a Dee Lee Doo product that has been perfectly fine through multiple uses I’m personally a bit torn. I think it’s fair to say that Dee Lee Doo toys weren’t made with the intention of being submerged (as the cleaning recommendation for the dildos is a rinse under water, not a soak), but that still doesn’t excuse any problems that people may be having.

Still when I contacted Iris concerning my Boa she was sincerely apologetic and was quick to offer a replacement for my damaged product. As such I’m convinced that, should anyone have a problem with a Dee Lee Doo toy, Iris would be more than happy to make sure the issue was sorted in a timely manner.

Regardless of my personal opinion, I thought it was important to post this update and to make you all aware of any issues that people may have had with their Dee Lee Doo products. Hopefully this will help you feel more informed when it comes to deciding whether or not a Dee Lee Doo product is for you.

Until the next review!

Emmeline Peaches.

  • Thanks for the great info :)
    – Cara x

  • I’m impressed with how the owner is handling this. I’d like to learn a bit more about their sealing process to figure out why this happened. Maybe they accidentally mixed up a bad batch of the sealant one day and the easily damaged toys are coated in that batch?