Toy Review: Dee Lee Doo’s Habu

With the unregulated and shoddy practices of some sex toy companies being exposed rapidly, people are becoming more and more focused on purchasing sex toys that are long-lasting, ethical, and safe (and rightly so). Thankfully more and more sex toy companies are rising to these demands, and producing high qualities toys that are body-safe and built to last. Dee Lee Doo is one such company.

About Dee Lee Doo

Dee Lee Doo emerged in November of 2013 via an Indegogo campaign run by the designer Iris Trstenjak. Iris founded the Dee Lee Doo line with the intention of moving away from the artificially made and “awkward looking” toys that are commonly found on the market and creating naturally, organically-shaped wooden toys with a personal touch.

Each Dee Lee Doo dildo was intuitively designed, with aesthetic appeal and ergonomic ease in mind. There are six dildos (in addition to a whip) and all of them are stunning. Iris aimed to make dildos that could be seen as elegant pleasure objects—capable of destigmatizing the connotations of sex toys through their artistic appeal and unassuming shapes. The sleek and attractive forms of every one of the Dee Lee Doo line certainly achieve this, and some wouldn’t look out-of-place displayed as a modern art object on a shelf.

In addition to this, each Dee Lee Doo dildo has the benefit of being hand-crafted from all-natural plantation wood. Before you start worrying about splinters I can assure you that Dee Lee Doo’s wooden dildo’s are of the finest standard, and even come with a little care guide for new owners. The dildos themselves have been expertly sanded and polished, so you won’t have to worry about any unfortunate mishaps.

Each Dee Lee Doo dildo is finished has been treated with multiple layers of an all-natural, environmentally-friendly, water thinned solvent, which is free from solvents and wood preservatives. This varnish makes the dildos resistant to bodily fluids and makes cleaning the toy a breeze. With such a non-abrasive varnish, and with the dildo itself being made out of wood, you really can’t get a more natural toy than this.

Irish herself was a pleasure to contact, and was very friendly and accommodating. Iris was kind enough to provide me with the Habu for review and sent it out my product in a speedy fashion. While we did have a mix-up at first (I was sent a Boa instead of a Habu), Iris was kind enough to rectify the error and provided me with the Habu I had requested.

I really can’t recommend Dee Lee Doo enough in terms of service, but what about the product?

Dee Lee Doo’s Habu

When picking a Dee Lee Doo toy, Iris encourages people to pick the design which most ‘speaks’ to them—in terms of design, shape, and overall appeal. I was instantly drawn to the Habu due to its dynamic shape and promise of dual-ended delight. I had high hopes that the Habu and my G-Spot would be able to become BFFs and, thankfully, I did found this dildo to be a delight to use.

Dee Lee Doo toys come in a sturdy felt storage container.
Dee Lee Doo toys come in a sturdy felt storage container.

The Dee Lee Doo Habu comes in a felt storage container—which is fantastic for long-term storage. This struck me as quite unique and very in-keeping the Dee Lee Doo’s larger aspiration to promote natural materials in the sex toy industry. It was a really nice touch that instantly made me feel like Dee Lee Doo was a company that really practised what it preached and got me excited for the Habu dildo itself.

The Habu's dynamic shape drew me in.
The Habu’s dynamic shape drew me in.

Dee Lee Doo’s Habu measures 8.27 inches long but it has a distinct curve that stops it from seeming too large or intimidating. It has two sides that can be used for penetration—a gently curved side, with a larger, more rounded end and a dramatically curved side with a very pronounced head which look perfect for G-spotting. At its widest the gently curved size has a girth of about 5 inches, while the more drastically curved head is no wider than 4.5 inches all around. This was a very good choice on Dee Lee Doo’s part—as it allows both sides to play off their strengths without ever being too big or too extreme for the average user.

The Habu is incredibly smooth and unbelievably lightweight. It’s not as light as a feather, but it does have an airy feel to it—due to the combination of its sleek form and weightlessness. This toy is also incredibly beautiful. Looking at the unique patterns of the wood and the smooth craftsmanship of the design it’s hard not to love the simple elegance that the Habu inspires.

Also this toy rocks my G-Spot.

I was expecting to like one side of the Habu more than the other. But, honestly, both sides are winners. The two sides of the Habu also provide very different sensations and have different reasons for working so well.

Each of the Habu's sides have a different reason for being so delightful.
Both of the Habu’s sides have a different reason for being so delightful.

The wider, more rounded, side of the Habu provides a girthy feeling, but not one that is too extreme. Due to this girth, and its slight curve, this side is great for gently rubbing against my G-Spot, and using its fullness and blunt end to tenderly massage it to orgasm.

The Habu's gentler side adds a feeling of girth without being too intense.
The Habu’s gentler side adds a feeling of girth without being too intense.

Meanwhile the more pronounced side dives right in and puts the pressure on my G-Spot straight away. This firmer, more deliberate G-Spot stimulation is great for when I want to locate my G-Spot easily and really go at it. It doesn’t take much to add a lot of pressure with this more decisive curve, and the head’s smaller tip aids in prompting and almost prodding the G-Spot to orgasm.

Both of these sides caused strong, prolonged orgasms in me—though I will say that I found the more pronounced side most effective for riding the peak of my orgasms out longer.

Because this dildo provides two great G-Spots in one it’s almost right up there with my favourite G-Spot toy—the Comet II. However, it should be stated that the Habu never quite reaches the same level of firm stimulation that the Comet & Comet II manage. I think this is mostly down to the material.

Wood is a very smooth material—and will slide in and out of the body effortlessly with just a little bit of lubricant. In contrast the matte silicone of the Comet wands added a level of grab which the Habu lacks. Still the Habu is damned impressive and I do think its sensations are good enough and distinct enough from the Comet wands to justify owning both toys.

It should be noted, though, that the Habu isn’t flawless.

While I adore the sharply curved side of the Habu, some people might not appreciate its extreme G-Spot stimulation quite so much. This side really does pin-point the G-Spot and go at it, and this might be jarring for someone that is used to a gentler touch with the G-Spot. Granted, the other side of the Habu is more than capable of providing this gentle touch, but those who want to use this dildo to the fullest might want to consider this factor.

In addition to this, being so smooth, the Habu can get quite slippery at times. This can make the handle awkward to use if your hands are also lubed up.

Lastly, because the Habu is so light it might feel a bit too feather-light to provide substantial stimulation for someone who prefers metal toys, for example. Having used glass and metal toys myself, I did find the Habu a bit light at first, however I found that it was easy to adjust given time.

These are the only real faults with the Habu though, which speaks volumes about how well-crafted and well-purposed this toy really is.

Final Thoughts

The Habu is a G-Spot toy through-and-through and it really excels at this. The different sides both know how to provide strong and pronounced orgasms, while also being distinct enough to provide two completely different experiences. I’m a real fan of toys that give you twice the delight for your money and the Habu does just that.

In addition to this, the Habu’s natural, body-safe materials and Iris’s passion really drives forward my appreciation for this toy. I’m always over the moon when I hear about someone actively advocating body-safe materials in the sex toy industry and Iris has produced a line of products that not only deliver on this message but also deliver in the bedroom.

The Dee Lee Doo Habu is a bit pricey, at 95€ (+10€ for an exotic wood) but it’s worth saving up for such a sturdy and effective toy to my mind. The Habu is a fantastic sex toy and a wonderful glimpse into a hopeful future for the adult industry.

Recommend to:

People who are conscious about materials.

People looking for a G-Spot toy.

People who want to use a variety of lubricants.

Do Not Recommend to:

People looking for a clitoral toy.

People who are only interested in gentle G-Spot toys.

People who want a weightier toy.

Update: Unfortunately it’s recently emerged that Dee Lee Doo’s finish might not be as consistently reliable as I first believed. For more information see here.

  • Oh wow, you really enjoyed it. I think I would like it as well, particularly the hooked side.
    This makes me extra sad about the sealant issue because the Habu sounds great.