Product Review: SpareParts HardWear’s Joque Harness (Size B)

SpareParts HardWear were kind enough to provide me with the Joque harness in exchange for an honest review. The Joque harness is the first harness I’ve had the good fortune to use, and I couldn’t be happier with it. Joque is comfortable, easy to use, and readily accommodates toys with its flexible O-ring. It’s a great harness for beginners and I’m willing to bet that it holds up equally well with experienced users.

So let’s look at the Joque harness in more detail.

The Joque harness comes in a nice box, with a lovely storage bag.
The Joque harness comes in a nice box, with a lovely storage bag.

The Joque harness is a jokey style (or jock strap) harness. It’s hand-crafted and ethically manufactured, which is a definite bonus. The Joque harness comes in two sizes—Size A and Size B. Size A will accommodate anyone from a 20-50 inch waist/hip whereas Size B ranges from 35-65 inches. Full measurements (including leg strap measurements) as well as guidelines on how to best measure yourself can be found on the SpareParts HardWear site here, under ‘Size Chart’. The size I chose was Size B, as I’m quite plump and wanted to make sure I had a guaranteed fit.

The fabric used for the Joque harness makes it incredibly comfortable.
The fabric used for the Joque harness makes it incredibly comfortable.

The Joque harness is made from a breathable material which is wonderfully soft and feels incredibly comfortable during wear. This material makes extended wear a breeze, and minimizes any discomfort that might be caused by harsher materials. The Joque bag also comes with a storage bag—which is also made with a lovely material and allows for compact storage. The Joque can be hand-washed or machine washed in its bag, making it hygienic and convenient to clean.

The Joque harness is also incredibly easy to put on. It doesn’t come with any instructions but it doesn’t really need them, because it’s so intuitive to put on. Despite this Joque does have a really handy advert for the Joque which happens to demonstrate how to put it on (while also being one of the most badass ads for a harness out there):

The Joque’s main belt is secured with sturdy Velcro, while straps are used for the rest of the adjustments. The straps adjust easily and securely into place for a comfortable and personalised fit within just a few minutes. Meanwhile inserting a dildo into the Joque is easily done through the front pouch, which can also be used for packing.

The straps on the Joque are easy to adjust.
The straps on the Joque are easy to adjust.

One of the handiest features of the Joque is the stretchable O-ring—which adds a lot of versatility to the use of this harness. The Joque’s O-ring measures 1.25 inches wide but can expand to up to 2.25 inches for larger toys. This can take a bit of effort sometimes, but through personal experience I’ve found that the Joque accommodates toys well and keeps a firm grip on them. It also seems to retain its default width quite well—not getting stretched of loosened with the use of larger toys.

The Joque's O-ring stretches to accommodate a wide variety of toys.
The Joque’s O-ring stretches to accommodate a wide variety of toys.

In addition to this the Joque harness has two internal pockets—one above the O-ring and one below—which can accommodate a small bullet vibe for the user’s pleasure. While these pouches aren’t quite large enough to comfortably accommodate my new bullet bestie, the Tango, they still do a good job, and provide an additional level of pleasure to using the Joque harness.

When I used the Joque harness I found it to be a good fit which was easy to wear and was generally very comfortable. The material used for the crotch-area of the Joque was so soft and silky that it also heightened my level of arousal, making use even more enjoyable. Despite my larger physique, the Joque harness fit me well, and with room to spare, so I’m confident that larger people (who fit within the measurements) will also find that the Joque harness works well for them.

Adjusting this harness was easy, as was putting in various dildos, though (as I said before) depending on the material that the toy is made out of, expanding the O-ring and inserting the toy can take some effort and TLC. Once everything was inserted and adjusted the Joque harness proved to be secure, durable, and capable of taking vigorous action.

Considering how unintimidating, easy to use, and generally versatile the Joque harness is I really can’t recommend it enough, especially for beginners such as myself. But that doesn’t mean the the Joque is perfect.

On some rare occasions I did find that the Velcro on the Joque’s belt would release during more vigorous actions. The Velcro wouldn’t entirely release, but it would be enough to cause some readjustments—which is something to keep in mind if you’d rather not stop for something like this during the heat of the moment.

Because of my body type I also found that the leg straps for the Joque would sometimes ride upwards or roll downwards, depending on my position. This may have been due to the size of shape of my derrière but it might also be worth factoring this in if you’re on the larger side too.

But, considering these are the only issues I have with the Joque (and they’re minor gripes at best), I really don’t think there’s much to complain about with the Joque.

Final Thoughts

SpareParts HardWare claim that the Joque is “the only harness you will ever need” and I can see why.

The Joque is easy to use, easy to adjust, easy to clean, comfortable, and secure. It’s good for packing, good for play, good for extended use, and good for beginners. It almost has it all. While it may be a bit pricey I believe the Joque is well worth the money considering how diverse this harness is.

The Joque is a true hassle-free harness that can adjust to a myriad of situations. I admire it—both for its versatility and durability—and recommend it for anyone looking for a decent harness.

Recommend to:

Beginners and veterans alike.

People who want a secure Harness.

People who want a diverse harness.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want a completely discreet harness.

People who dislike jokey harnesses.

People who dislike Velcro.

The Joque harness can be purchased from SpareParts HardWear directly on their site here. Alternatively UK buyers can find the Joque harness over at Lovehoney here.

  • Congrats! The Joque is a fancy looking harness. Someday dear harness, someday!