Toy Review: Shots Toys the Chrome

The Chrome is a handy vibrator that I tend to keep ready when silicone vibrators just won’t cut it. Its vibrations aren’t the strongest on the market, but I typically don’t need them to be, and the Chrome’s design is simplistically elegant and to-the-point.

But first, some specs.

The Chrome is a modestly sized vibrator intended primarily for penetration. It is phthalate-free, water resistant, and has 10 different vibrations patterns. Three of them are just different strengths of the same consistent vibration, but the others are various patterns. I don’t care much for patterns generally, but the variation provided is still diverse enough to interest someone who does appreciate them.

The Chrome requires 2xAAA batteries but these are included with the toy—meaning you can play with it pretty much as soon as it’s out of the box.

The Chrome is made out of ABS plastic, which really works in to toy’s favour. The texture of this plastic is very soft and silky, not unlike some luxury silicone vibes. It actually reminds me a bit of Lelo’s silicone in terms of its smooth texture. This texture really helps for insertion and makes the Chrome generally pleasant to use.

The Chrome is elegantly designed and velvety smooth to the touch.

The Chrome’s shape makes insertion easy. The insertable length is just above 4.5 inches and it’s not too girthy for beginners. The raised spirals on the Chrome also provide a gentle amount of texture that, again, might be appreciated by those new to sex toys. If you chose to use this toy clitorally then the spirals can also help vary up the sensations as well.

The vibrations from the Chrome are buzzy and come in rapid pulsations that frequently fire off at up to 10,000RPM (according to the Chrome’s packaging). While these vibrations are buzzy they aren’t generically buzzy, and do have a distinct sensation to them. As such people who like buzzy vibrators, but are looking for a bit of variation, might appreciate the change of pace that the Chrome provides.

When I apply the Chrome to my nose at its strongest speed I’m typically guaranteed to sneeze. Take that as you will.

The controls for the Chrome consist of a single button inside the looped handle of the Chrome. This button is easy to turn on and easy to press in order to cycle through the vibration settings. To turn it off you simply hold it down for a few seconds. As with the Diamond Power Bullet, I find that the Chrome is much more responsive to turning off than most Rocks Off bullet vibes, which makes me very happy.

For me the biggest benefit of the Chrome is that, because it’s made out of ABS plastic, it can be used with silicone lubricant. Because of this the Chrome is my go-to vibrator when I want to enjoy the benefits of silicone lube. The Chrome’s own velvety texture also acts to compliment the feeling of silicone lubricant and the two combined create a very enjoyable silky caress.

Because I am such a sucker for power, the Chrome’s vibrations weren’t strong enough to pack the punch I tend to crave from my toys, but they still provided a reasonable amount of pleasure, and make the Chrome is a good toy for its price.

However there are some downsides to the Chrome that are worth mentioning.

The first is the Chrome’s handle. The Chrome comes with a small looped handle that is supposed to aid with ease of use. If you hold this handle in certain ways then it can be comfortable and easy to use. However, in certain positions holding this handle can be a bit awkward. A few times I’ve been tempted to have a few fingers on the inside of the loop, but this leads to accidentally pushing the button a lot and inadvertently changing settings.

This is another problem with the Chrome (and with most one-button) toys—If you accidentally press the button then you have to either cycle through all the vibrations or turn the toy off and back on again and then find the setting you were on. Both are a bit irritating.

Thankfully after getting used to the handle accidental button presses do decrease drastically, but it’s still worth mentioning that there might be a transition stage as you get used to the Chrome’s handle design.

The other thing to keep in mind with the Chrome is that, while not run-of-the-mill, its vibrations are still buzzy. This means that people who dislike buzzy vibrations, or prefer deep, rumbly vibrations, probably won’t get as much satisfaction out of the Chrome as buzz-vibe enthusiasts. The Chrome is a bit noisy though (it emits a high-pitched buzz) so this is something to keep in mind if discretion is essential for you.

While this toy does have a slight curve it’s also not ideal for G-Spot stimulation and is probably best used for thrusting or as an improvised clitoral stimulator.

Final Thoughts

While the Chrome isn’t my strongest or even my favourite vibrator I do still keep it in my bedside drawer because I value its versatility when it comes to lubricant-compatibility. Being able to use the Chrome with silicone lubricant has meant that I’ve really warmed up to this vibe, and the Chrome’s smooth texture just adds to the enjoyment of using it with silicone lube.

Outside of this preference I can see the Chrome appealing to beginners to sex toys and people who appreciate buzzy vibrations. The Chrome isn’t breaking new ground, but it is a solid starter vibrator that can provide enjoyable mid-strength vibrations and an array of different patterns.

If you want to invest in a sex toy, but don’t want to be intimidated by some of the bigger ones on the market, then the Chrome might just be for you. However, if rumbly sensations are what you seek out in vibrations then it might be worth giving the Chrome a miss.

Recommend to:

Beginners to insertable vibrators.

People who like buzzy vibrations.

People who want toy that’s compatible with silicone lube.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike buzzy vibrators

People who want a rumbly vibrator.

People who consider themselves power queens.

The Chrome can also be found on Amazon here.

  • The Chrome looks cool, but I need buzzy vibrations to be really powerful. I’m glad you like it though. I like to be able to find good battery-powered vibes for people.