Toy Review: Primal Hardwere’s Growler Wereable

The Growler Wereable was provided to me by Primal Hardwere in exchange for an honest review. Primal Hardwere appeal mostly to the furry sub-culture and create harnesses and realistic cock-sheaths among other things (they also sell a cactus dildo, which is probably one of the most comically awesome ideas out there). Communicating with Primal Hardwere was a breeze, my Growler Wereable arrived quickly (considering it came from the States to the UK) and was well packed.

The Growler Wereable is a hefty hunk of silicone.

I have to say I was really excited about receiving my Growler Wereable cock-sheath. While I am not personally part of the furry sub-culture I do appreciate the shapes, girth, and general creativity of furry-inspired sex toys. On top of that, I have to admit, I was looking forward to the idea of being ravaged by my partner-turned-werewolf.

What can I say? I have a taste for the fantastic in the bedroom.

Because of this excitement I may have initially over-estimated my ability to take the Growler Wereable, but (with time, perseverance, and a lot of lube) I have come to appreciate the pleasures of this meaty member.

The Growler has a generous amount of detail.

The Growler Wereable is meant to bring to mind thoughts of werewolves and, to this end, it has a rather pronounced tip, a chunky shaft and a sizeable knot. The Growler also has a lot of intricate details—such as veins and ridges—which are greatly appreciated and add a gentle level of texture of the feel of the toy. The Growler is made out of 100% silicone, making it body-safe and easy to clean. However, the silicone used is rather sticky and grabs up dust and lint easily. Because of this you need to make sure that you wash the Growler before and after each use. This silicone can come in different colours, the full range of which can be found here.

The Growler comes with a ring to keep it secure.

The Growler comes with a rather chunky ring for penis-owners to place their balls through, for a firmer fit. This helps keep the Wereable secure during use.

For me the most notable point when it came to this toy (aside from its lupine propensity) was its size. The Growler has a total length of 8.75”, a useable length of 8”, a shaft circumference of 6.8”, and a whopping knot circumference of 9”. This isn’t a toy I can take straight away, even without anything inserted into it, however it’s not un-useable.

The Growler is a sizeable cock-sheath which might not be appropriate for those new to cock-sheaths.

When me and my partner use the Growler we make sure that we warm up to it—using different toys first and working up to the size of the Growler. With a warm up session, and a reasonable amount of lube, using the Growler can actually produce a very pleasurable experience.

The feeling of fullness that the Growler can provide is divine, and really adds credence to the idea that you’re being mauled by a hulking beast. This feeling of being stretched and filled is where the Growler really excels. Because of this intermediate size queens and those who want to experiment with chunkier toys might find there’s a lot of fun to be had with the Growler.

The firmness used for the Growler is also very well selected. The silicone has enough firmness that it can still be inserted with ease but also enough give that it works with the body when it comes to insertion.

The Growler has enough give to help aid with insertion.

Unfortunately there are a few downsides to the Growler, for both me and my partner, which are worth bringing up.

The biggest issue for me was the texture of the silicone. Because it does have quite a sticky feel to it you really do need to make sure you’re constantly applying more lubricant. Lubricant is already a big factor when trying to use bigger toys, but the stickiness of the Growler means it grabs and drags much more than any of my other silicone toys, making it a lube-eating machine. I feel that the Growler would have been much more comfortable to use if the silicone was smoother, and perhaps this is something that can be improved upon in the future.

The knot can sometimes ram uncomfortably against the body during use.

Another issue I found was that the knot of this toy would tend to ram into my vulva rather uncomfortably at times. Because the silicone is sticky, and likes to grab for hairs, this might cause a problem for anyone who likes to stay natural down under. But maybe this vulva-bashing issue will change when my body becomes more eager to accept the knot of this toy.

My partner’s problems, on the other hand, were mainly to do with the design and weight of this toy.

For the shaft wearer there isn’t any texture inside of the Growler and so my partner found that his pleasure when using this toy was decreased and heavily desensitised. He was able to feel some sensation, but markedly less than usual. He felt that this would have been easily rectified if some texture was provided inside of the Growler so as to counter-balance this problem.

His other big problem was that the weight of the Growler (especially the knot) made it hard to control this toy when it came to thrusting, etc. Having such a hefty weight around his penis was also kind of distracting. This may just be a general problem with penis-shafts, and it is to be expected with such a meaty toy as the Growler—so it’s perhaps something to factor in rather than something to be improved upon or something fundamentally wrong with the toy.

Final Thoughts

All-in-all I love using the Growler and so does my partner. As someone who doesn’t consider themselves a size queen (and is an ex-vaginismus sufferer) it’s exciting to finally be delving into the idea of being able to take bigger toys and gain pleasure from fullness. To this end the Growler is a toy that provides a challenge but one that is still manageable and gives you a feeling of accomplishment during use. I’ve yet to take the knot but I’m certainly going to be trying.

Being able to experience this with my partner (due to the nature of cock-sheaths) has been very fulfilling, and has added a level of intimacy to this experience in size-play. However, because of the tacky feeling of the Growler I don’t know if I could recommend it as an ideal first starter toy for working your way into the world of larger toys.

For those who are already experimenting with larger toys, or those who really like what you’ve read in my review, then I really do recommend the Growler for anyone who can’t resist. However, if you don’t like the sound of the silicone’s sticky texture or the lack of physical stimulation for the wearer then the Growler Wereable might not be for you.

Recommend to:

People who consider themselves size queens.

Intermediate users of larger toys.

People who want to indulge in a werewolf fantasy.

Do Not Recommend to:

People just starting to experiment with larger toys.

People who want stimulation for the wearer.

People who prefer smoother silicone.

It’s also important to note that I got charged customs on the Growler (of over £20), so UK buyers should keep this in mind when thinking about buying this product. 

  • Sticky? Like dry Vixskin sticky? Huh. This looks like a dildo all by itself, I can’t really imagine how it feels during partnered intercourse. *laughs*
    I’m glad you’re enjoying it!