Product Review: Wicked Aqua Lubricant

Wicked provided me with Wicked Aqua in exchange for an honest review and this product (like the Eroscillator) is another one I’m torn with. I can tell that this lubricant will be a great addition to most people’s essentials collection but, on the other hand, my sensitive vagina has prevented me from fully enjoying this lubricant (yet again).

Wicked Aqua’s body dispenses the lubricant efficiently.

Wicked’s line of lubricants aim to be conscious about body-safety. Their water-based lubes are Paraben-free, latex-free, utilize natural ingredients, and are pH-optimized.. In addition to this Wicked has a page addressing problems such as sensitive skin and the Glycerin controversy. Despite this Wicked Aqua does contain Glycerin and Propylene Glycol, but Wicked does have alternative products for people who find these ingredients to be a problem.

In addition to this Wicked’s products are Vegan—containing no animal by-products—and have never been tested on animals. For those who hold animal welfare high on their list of proprieties this is great news.

As usual, the first test I did on Wicked Aqua was the taste test. This lubricant as a strong citric taste, coupled with the flavour of aloe vera (which I personally find to be unpleasant). Because of this I wouldn’t recommend Wicked Aqua for use during oral sex. (However, why would you want to when Wicked already does a brilliant line of flavoured lubricants?)

The second test was the scent-one. This lubricant is fragrance-free as promised, and the only scent you can detect from it is the subtle citrus smell that most likely comes from the lubricant’s ingredients. This smell isn’t overwhelming so It shouldn’t cause any problems during use.

However, the consistency of Wicked Aqua is what really stands out for me, and it’s the aspect that will probably be make-or-break for most people.

Wicked Aqua is delightfully slippery.

Wicked Aqua is very thin. It readily squirts out of the bottle it comes in and dribbles eagerly over any substance it find itself on. This thin texture makes Wicked Aqua feel much more like a silicone lubricant in terms of consistency, and I really like this. While Wicked Aqua lube has the same consistency of silicone lubricants, because it is water-based it can still be used with most sex toys and cleans up easier.

Wicked Aqua is rather runny.

In addition to this while Wicked Aqua has the consistency of silicone lubricant it doesn’t feel quite the same, in a good way. Instead of feeling artificially silky, Wicked Aqua feels naturally slippery. As such this lubricant feels very similar to getting naturally wet and can feel very sensual as you slather it on your body. Because this lubricant is thinner it doesn’t detract from any of the natural sensations of sex and me and my partner found that it actually enhanced them—allowing us to retain full sensation while also heightening any movements with its slippery smoothness.

But Wicked Aqua’s consistency does have some immediate downsides. People who appreciate thicker, more gel-like lubricants probably won’t enjoy the runny, slippery sensation of Wicked Aqua in comparison. While it can be used with toys, Wicked Aqua’s thin consistency also means that it doesn’t provide much of a buffer for harder toys. However, for those who want a lubricant for use with toys, Wicked does sell a gel-like lubricant made for use with toys, called Toy Love—so toy enthusiasts might want to give this a try instead.

As I said before, I really enjoyed using Wicked Aqua but it did cause me some irritation. Much like with Give Lube’s Premium Aqua Gel, when I used this lubricant externally I had no problems with it. When applied to my vulva Wicked Aqua got me considerably aroused, provided a generous amount of lubrication, and really impressed me with the smooth sensations it provided. Sadly as soon as I applied some of this lubricant internally I was greeted with a stinging sensation. This sensation teetered between being arousing and being painful, but more often than not it was just painful. Because of this I wasn’t able to fully enjoy Wicked Aqua, despite my initial enthusiasm.

From the experiences I did have with Wicked Aqua was just as smooth and effective during intercourse—providing a reasonable amount of glide that was long-lasting—however it was hard to tell, as the stinging pain took centre stage for the most part.

I have to stress this every time but my experience will probably not be the norm. If you don’t have any problems with sensitivity then Wicked Aqua will probably cause you no problems. However, if you, like me, suffer from a very sensitive genital area then Wicked Aqua might be one to give a miss, if only to be safe.

Thankfully Wicked does an alternative lubricant for people with sensitive skin called Wicked Sensitive. Wicked Sensitive was made with people like myself in mind and was tested on a panel of 100 people with no irritation recorded—making it officially hypoallergenic. Wicked Sensitive is also Paraben-free and comes with the added bonus of being Glycerin-free and has a pH balance of 4.0.

If you have any worries that you’d react to Wicked Aqua like I did then Wicked Sensitive is probably the better choice for you—to allow for worry and pain-free enjoyment.

Final Thoughts

If you can use Wicked Aqua then I recommend you do give it a try. This lubricant’s consistency provides a sensation that is quite unlike any other brand of lubricant I’ve tried, and it’s worth experimenting with—if only to see if the sensations it provides work for you. I particularly recommend Wicked Aqua if you want a lubricant that mimics the sensation of being naturally wet.

However if you have incredibly sensitive skin, have an intolerance to Glycerin or Propylene Glycol, or prefer thick lubricants then Wicked Aqua might not be for you and Wicked Sensitive might be the safer option.

Personally I am quite upset that Wicked Aqua didn’t work with my body—because it’s a crying shame that I can’t use an otherwise excellent product.

Recommend to:

People who like thin lubricants.

People who want a natural-feeling lube.

People who want a vegan-friendly lube.

Do Not Recommend to:

People with incredibly sensitive skin.

People who prefer gel-like lubricants.

People who don’t respond well to Glycerin.

  • Ouch! It sounded great up until the stinging :(
    I guess you aren’t the only one that’s happened to, thus the Wicked Sensitive. Yay that sensitive folks have an option!