Toy Review: Jopen Key Comet II Rechargeable G-Spot Wand

The original Jopen Comet Wand has pretty much been my favourite G-Spot toy since I first tried it. So, of course, as soon as I heard they had released an updated, vibrating, version of the Comet I was eager to be able to get my hands on one. Thankfully Best Female Vibrators were willing to provide me with one in exchange for an honest review.

About Best Female Vibrators

Best Female Vibrators is a labour of love for sure. When I contacted the owner they explained to me that, when they first decided to set up an internet retail company, most of their friends and family scoffed at the idea—saying that it would never take off. Four years down the line, with a lot of perseverance and dedication, they’ve found themselves on the right track now and have carved out their place in the market.

Best Female Vibrators has two sites. One which is primarily for UK and European customers and one that deals with the US following that Best Female Vibrators found themselves gaining.  Both are doing very well.

Asides from providing a good underdog success story, Best Female Vibrators also provide fantastic customer service.

Communication with Best Female Vibrators was effortless and very friendly, my item arrived quickly (which is saying something, considering it came from the US), and it was packed very well. All-in-all I would definitely recommend Best Female Vibrators, especially considering their large selection of decent, body-safe toys.

The biggest problem I encountered with my Comet II order was that, because it came from the US, I did get a customs charge on it—but it was a relatively small charge and this isn’t really Best Female Vibrators fault. But, with this in mind, is the Comet II worth the $84.49 price tag plus $35.00 shipping and potential customs charges?

Update- Best Female Vibrators have now released the Comet II on their UK site at the very reasonable price of £58.69 (with free shipping). This means that you can purchase the Comet II without the worry of shipping and customs. It’s a win-win.

Jopen Key Comet II Rechargeable G-Spot Wand

The Comet II looks almost identical to its predecessor.

I have to admit; at first I had my worries about the Comet II. The old saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” rung in my ears and I wondered if some of the things that made the Comet so great might get lost in translation during the upgrade. Thankfully my doubts were gone as soon as I used this toy. The Comet II is a marvellous G-Spot toy that can provide strong, deep orgasms with minimal effort. It take everything that is great about the original Comet and adds vibrations for extra oomph, and I couldn’t love it more.

Let’s look at the Comet II in more depth.

Not much has changed with the box design.

As with the original Comet, the Comet II comes in a sturdy box that keeps the toy safe and secure. Unfortunately the Comet II also still comes with the same flimsy storage bag that came with the original Comet and I still think this is one of the weakest elements of the Comet wands. But, really, when one of the only low points of your sex toy is its storage bag then that’s not a terrible thing by any stretch.

And I do mean that the bag is one of the only bad points, because the Comet II is fantastic.

Unlike the Comet, the Comet II has an ABS core and handle, while the shaft is still matte silicone. This silicone is silky smooth and delicate to the touch, while still retaining some of the grip that comes from being matte silicone. Because the Comet II has a plastic core it does feel slightly lighter than the Comet, but not so much so that the heft of the toy is missing. The Comet II is still very substantial and the head is still as firm as it needs to be to hit the right spot.

The head of the Comet II is perfect for hitting the spot every time.

The head of the Comet II is divine. While the shape may seem intimidating I’ve found that it can be warmed up to easily and targets the G-Spot with minimal effort. Because of how firm the head is, and how bulbous its shape is, it hugs the G-Spot perfectly while placing enough pressure on the area to provide pronounced stimulation. The matte silicone helps in this task—giving the appropriate amount of drag to emphasise the decisive grip of the Comet II.

But, as if this wasn’t enough, the Comet II also vibrates.

This is what really sets the Comet II apart from the original Comet and it’s a brilliant addition. The Comet II comes with 7 different vibration modes, one is a consistent speed and the others are various patterns. As with most vibrators, I am not overly smitten with the various vibration patterns, but they all have a similar underlying feeling. The vibrations from the Comet II are very rapid, slightly buzzy, but still quite deep.

I have found that, because these vibrations are rapid and somewhat buzzy, they didn’t work well on my clitoris. In fact they didn’t work at all for me for clitoral stimulation, so this might be something to keep in mind if you’re looking for an all-around-vibe. But, let’s be honest, the Comet II is not meant to be an all-around vibe, it’s a G-Spot toy, and these vibrations excel when applied to the G-Spot.

The vibrations of the Comet II are just rapid enough and just deep enough to provide substantial G-Spot stimulation, which, when combined with the shape and grip of the toy, adds a whole new level of sensitivity which can feel just fantastic. These vibrations aren’t the strongest in the world, but they don’t need to be. From my experience the Comet II works best when coupled with a strong vibrator applied to the clitoris. When I couple these two elements together the orgasms caused are so strong, so deep, and so mind-blowingly pleasurable that I find myself coming back to this toy again and again for G-Spot orgasms. It’s so easy too. I almost feel lazy when I grab for the Comet II because I know I’m going for a sure-fire orgasm instead of using other toys (which also provide good orgasms but also more work).

But really I shouldn’t complain and I shouldn’t feel guilty. Having a toy that can provide such consistently good and effortless G-Spot orgasms is a godsend and I really cannot recommend the Comet II enough for this. I don’t know if this toy would work as well for G-Spot beginners, but I’m willing to believe that it would be less intimidating than the other two G-Spot greats: The nJoy Pure Wand and the Nobessence Seduction.

The Comet II is also waterproof and rechargeable—so you don’t have to worry about batteries and washing it is a breeze.

That being said the Comet II still isn’t perfect and it does have some downsides worth noting.

The biggest downside I find with the Comet II is its charge method. In order to make the Comet II waterproof, Jopen opted for a magnetic charge point that plugs into your computer via USB. However, as with all charge clips, the clip can be a bit flimsy and you need to make sure it’s still charging every now and then. The USB adaptor is also rather rigid and I have to ram it quite hard into the port to get it to insert. I’m sure there’s some irony there in regards to some people experience with the Comet’s bulbous head, but I don’t feel like making the comparison when the rigidity of the USB adaptor is a legitimate annoyance.

The other problems with the Comet II and very similar to those of the original Comet; the head may be too large to insert for some, the toy requires a lot of lube during use, and the handle can get frustratingly slippery when lube gets on it (which it invariably does). Fortunately one problem that has been fixed in the Comet II is the difficult-to-clean gap that was present on the original Comet’s handle. This made me so happy. Jopen haven’t just updated the Comet near-flawlessly but they’ve also managed to improve on one of the toys biggest flaws in the process. How great is that?

Final Thoughts

The Comet II might seem like a steep investment but, if you’re a G-Spot enthusiast, I really can’t recommend it enough. It’s got every highlight that I emphasized in my original Comet review and more. Adding vibrations to this toy was a perfect move forward, and the Comet II doesn’t lose anything because of it. It’s a great toy, it gives me fantastic orgasms, and I think I’d cry if it ever broke.

If you have a change to save up and get it I whole heartedly recommend it. The only downside of owning the Comet II for me is that my original Comet now feels neglected—because you can bet your bottom dollar that this toy has a firm place in my bedside table.

Recommend to:

People who enjoy G-Spot orgasms.

People who want to explore G-Spot orgasms.

People wanting to upgrade from the Comet.

Do Not Recommend to:

People looking for a clitoral toy.

People who disliked the original Comet.

Complete beginners to penetration.