Toy Review: Top Cat’s The Moon of Desire

The Moon of Desire was provided to me by Twisted Miss in exchange for an honest review.

Twisted Miss

Twisted Miss is a UK company that strives for confidentiality and customer satisfaction. They provide free shipping on purchases over £30 and free gifts on purchases over £40. Twisted Miss are always happy to hear customer feedback and welcome any constructive comments—making them an accessible and customer conscious company that cares.

When I spoke to Twisted Miss I found that communicating with them was a breeze. They were very friendly and were generally easy to talk to. Twisted Miss requested that I review one of their Top Cat toys and I chose the Moon of Desire (for reasons I shall explain a bit later in the review) and, once this was done, my item was sent to me in a speedy manner. When my item arrived it was in discreet packaging and was safely packed.

All-in-all I found Twisted Miss to be a great company to work with and I was really happy with their service…which Is why I feel a bit bad about what I’m about to say concerning this toy.

The Moon of Desire

The Moon of Desire is a dual-stimulator with a heavy function on the G-Spot.

It’s kind of ironic that this toy calls itself the Moon of Desire, because it’s probably one of the most undesirable toys that I’ve had to review. This toy does have a few positives, but they’re few and far between and mostly I’m just left feeling a mixture of discontentment and distrust when it comes to this toy.

Let’s look at the toy in a bit more depth.

The Moon of Desire is a multi-function, dual-stimulation toy with a heavy emphasis on the G-Spot. The toy gets its name from the shape of its G-Spot and clitoral stimulators—which, together, look like a crescent moon—and, I have to admit, this shape is what drew me to this toy above all the other Top Cat toys at Twisted Miss.

My inner-geek couldn’t resist this sex toy.

It’s a little bit geeky but the shape of this toy meant I couldn’t help but think of Sailor Moon and as soon as I saw it I had daydreams about holding it up in the air and shouting “Moon Orgasm Power!” (or something similar) before putting it to good work.

Could the Moon of Desire turn me into a sensual Sailor Scout?

The curve of this toy ends with a pronounced bulb, which is meant to stimulate the G-Spot when inserted.

The Moon of Desire has six vibration patterns to choose from (one being consistent vibrations) as well as an ‘Auto’ option, which cycles through all of the patterns. Each of these patterns can be selected by pushing a button on the control panel at the lower part of the toy’s shaft. There are eight buttons in total.

The vibrations from the Moon of Desire are like rapid flicks of buzzy, pulsating vibrations. While I wouldn’t call these vibrations rumbly, they do have a depth to them that stops them from being buzzy to a fault, and they do have a throbbing undercurrent that gives the vibrations a nice consistency. However the vibrations from this toy aren’t as strong as they could be. If you prefer your toys to be gentle, but with some depth, then the Moon of Desire may appeal to you, however most power queens would find the vibrations in this toy woefully lacking.

The depth and pulsations of the vibrations are probably the most positive aspect of the Moon of Desire in my eyes. Sadly it all goes downhill from there.

As with all dual stimulator toys, not everyone’s body is going to fit well with the Moon of Desire, and mine certainly didn’t.

The shape of this toy didn’t work as desired.

In order to get any G-Spot stimulation from this toy I had to move it in one direction (which then stopped the clitoral stimulation) and vice versa. This was, of course, incredibly frustrating, and the shape of the Moon of Desire doesn’t easily allow for another vibrator to be employed for separate clitoral stimulation.

On top of that, as I said before, the vibrations of this toy were very weak inside of me and, personally, I can confidently say that I wouldn’t be able to orgasm with this toy alone and, sadly, when inserted the depth of these vibrations becomes much more difficult to discern.

The controls on this toy were overly complicated and easily mis-pushed.

In addition to this the control panel on the Moon of Desire seems a bit clunky and unnecessary. The buttons are easy to press (considering they’re on the handle) and so it’s easy to accidentally change mode when using this toy. Less buttons that weren’t so easy to accidentally push would have helped the Moon of Desire considerably.

But the thing that harms the Moon of Desire most is the material it’s made out of.

It’s hard to trust toys that have ‘Phthalate-free’ stickered on the outside of their packaging.

Now, in its defence, the Moon of Desire is made out of a material that is Phthalate-free (as the removable sticker on its box is quick to advertise) and latex-free and, when I gave this toy a sniff, it had very little in the way of a fragrance. However the Moon of Desire is made out of a material that is undoubtedly porous. As someone who holds body-safety so high, this is a pretty big downside for me when it comes to this toy.

You can optimize the safe use the Moon of Desire by using toy cleaner and giving it a thorough clean before and after use. But, with so many other better toys out there, it hardly seems worth it to take a risk with the Moon of Desire. You can buy better and safer toys, I am sure of this.

Final Thoughts

Would I be so harsh on the Moon of Desire if it wasn’t made from an ambiguous jelly-like material? Probably not, but that’s not to say I would give it a favourable rating either.

The Moon of Desire is generic and mediocre in every way. Its vibrations had potential, but fail to deliver in application, its control panel is clunky and prone to accidental mode-switches, and its crescent moon selling point doesn’t work well with all bodies. If you really like the shape of this toy, appreciate gentle vibrations, and don’t mind using a toy cleaner vehemently before and after each use then the Moon of Desire might work for you. However, I personally cannot recommend this toy based on my experiences.

Recommend to:

People who like gentle vibrations.

People who don’t mind ambiguous toy materials.

People who know they’ll love the curved shape.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who value body-safe materials.

People who need strong vibrations.

People who dislike dual-stumulators.

  • 8 buttons? That made me laugh. It’s a vibrator, not a remote. I suppose they were trying to make it simple to use but they took things a bit far.