Toy Review: Shots Toys the Champion

When I saw the Champion a few thoughts came to mind. The first being that it looked like a compact version of the G-Vibe (being similar in size to a bullet vibe) the second was that, if its vibrations were anything like the Diamond Power Bullet, then I was going to have a good time. But, as it turned out, neither of these thoughts were wholly accurate. The Champion is very much a toy in its own right, and it differs from both the G-Vibe and the Diamond Power Bullet in a fair few ways.

But first the specs.

The Champion is like a mini G-Vibe in appearance.

The Champion is a powerful bullet vibrator that Shots Toys have produced to provide “strong satisfaction” (as the box says). As with most Shots Toys, the Champion comes with its batteries provided—so you can have fun as soon as you take your toy out of its packaging.

The Champion is waterproof and is made from silicone (so it’s body-safe and Phthalate-free). The silicone surface of the Champion is smooth and strokeable and doesn’t grab dust and grime like some other silicone does, which is a definite plus.

When I received the Champion I expected that its vibrations would be similar to the vibrations provided by the Diamond Power Bullet, which, in some ways, it is. The pulsations are very similar between the Champion and the Diamond Power Bullet; however the vibrations are markedly different.

In order to push out more power, the Champion’s vibrations are much more buzzy. In fact they’re incredibly buzzy.

These are probably some of the buzziest vibrations I’ve ever felt in a toy. So, if you like your vibrators buzzy, the Champion provides a lot of buzz for your purchase. However, if you prefer your vibrations to be deep and rumbly then the Champion does not deliver in this department.

When it came to use I found that this toy didn’t work very well with my body.

The shape and design of the Champion are very similar to the G-Vibe. However, because it’s markedly smaller than the G-Vibe, the Champion doesn’t work as well for me in terms of dual stimulation. In fact the Champion isn’t well suited for penetration at all.

When used on my clitoris I found that the Champion was also a bit underwhelming. This is mainly because I prefer strong, rumbly, direct stimulation and the buzzy, two-pronged pleasure that the Champion provided just wasn’t enough.

However this toy was fantastic for my partner.

The shape and size of this toy make it great for stimulating the balls, the shaft of the penis, and other sensitive areas. In application my partner found the shape and vibrations of this toy to be incredibly pleasurable and, although the power could be numbing over long periods of time, he found it a great pleasure enhancer for the initial stages of foreplay.

Because of this I’d personally be more inclined to recommend the Champion as a treat for penis-owners for use during foreplay. The size of this toy, combined with its two-pronged design, make for some fun exploration and experimentation. However, if you’re a buzz-vibe enthusiast then the Champion might also be worth adding to your toy box.

The biggest downside of this toy is the buzzy vibrations—if you dislike buzzy toys then you’ll dislike the Champion—but the shape can also be awkward for some. It’s hard to get pinpoint clitoral vibrations when this toy has two prongs, and bringing them together doesn’t work very well, especially when lubricant is involved.

The other downside to this toy is that, like all silicone toys, it cannot be used with silicone lubricant.

But, overall, I don’t have any strong feelings about this toy one way or another. Some people will like it (and it is much appreciated by my partner) but it’s nothing overly special. If you liked using the G-Vibe on your penis or your partner’s penis but wished it was smaller, and don’t mind buzzy vibrations, then this toy might be a good alternative. I really enjoyed how this vibrator excited my partner but, for use on myself, I’d probably opt for the Diamond Power Bullet instead.

Recommend to:

People who like buzzy vibrations.

People who want a smaller G-Vibe.

People who want a vibrator for use on the penis during foreplay.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike buzzy vibrations.

People who want a pinpoint toy.

People who want an effective insertable toy.

  • Aww, that’s kind of cute. I like mini stuff. Unfortunately, I don’t like super buzzy vibrations.