Product Review: Wicked Flavoured Lubricants

Wicked treated me with some samples of their flavoured lubricants in exchange for an honest review. And it really was a treat.

I was provided with the Mocha Java, Candy Apple, Salted Caramel, and Vanilla Bean flavours and each of these lubricants are sincerely delicious.

So what should you know about these lubricants?

Wicked Flavoured Lubricants 

Wicked’s line of flavoured lubes can come in sachets or bottles.

Wicked’s flavoured lubricants are part of their Wicked Sensations collection—which aims to enhance the experience of sex through engaging the senses. This line of lubricants includes heating and cooling lubricants, a masturbation crème, a delay cream, and (as I’m sure you’ve guessed) flavoured lubricants. All of these lubricants allow users to stimulate and excite each other in different ways, which can make them great for couples play.

In addition to this Wicked, as a company, have very clear goals in mind regarding their products.

Wicked’s line of sensual care products aims to allow people to indulge in their sensuality and engage with their senses using safe products that aim to be inclusive. To this end, Wicked has taken a lot of things into consideration with their line of products (and not just the Wicked Sensations collection).

Wicked’s water-based lubricants are Paraben-free, latex friendly, and utilize natural ingredients wherever possible. Wicked also has a page dedicated to addressing issues such as sensitive skin and Gylcerin—which make me a very happy reviewer, considering I own a very delicate vagina. To try and avoid any irritation Wicked’s water-based lubricants are pH optimized and have been approved by dermatologists.

A test was also carried out on a 100 person panel to see if there were any sensitivities to the lubricant. Wicked’s standard water-based lubricant resulted in zero sensitivities—meaning it is hypoallergenic as well.

As I mentioned, Wicked is fully aware that Glycerin can be a problem for some people—and highlight the fact that it can cause yeast infections or UTIs in people who are prone to these conditions. Because of this Wicked tries to avoid Glycerin in their products, but some of their lubricants still contain it, for one reason or another.

Unfortunately Wicked’s flavoured lubricants do contain Glycerin, but Wicked acknowledges this and admits that these lubricants might not be for everyone. As such, if you’re a repeat sufferer of yeast infections or UTIs, and want to err on the side of caution, then I would recommend avoiding these lubricants (as would Wicked).

Thankfully Wicked have many Glycerin-free alternatives (some of which I will discuss in later reviews) and any Glycerin they do use is from 100% plant-based derivatives. This means that, along with all of its other benefits, Wicked’s line of lubricants are Vegan-friendly. Wicked is also cruelty-free, and has not tested their products on animals at all.

As well as all of the above, all of these flavoured lubricants have a few things in common, which I will now touch upon.

The consistency of these lubricants is very thin, smooth and silky. It’s not as thin as water, but it dribbles out of the sachets fairly easily, and squirts out of the bottles effortlessly (depending on which packaging it comes in). I personally found this consistency to be enjoyable and a refreshing change to the line-up of quite gel-like lubes that I’ve reviewed as-of-late. However, if you prefer your lubricant to be thick then it’s important to highlight that Wicked’s flavoured lubricants are certainly lacking in this department.

Instead, these lubricants have a silky smoothness about them which practically beckons you to slather it over skin—which is a good thing, because this lubricant spreads really well. Because it’s not as thick as some lubricants, Wicked’s flavoured lube spreads gently, evenly and fluidly. When on the skin it provides a sensation that is at the same time both incredibly sensual but also very natural feeling.

This was received in slightly different ways by my partner and me.

When I applied this lubricant to myself I found the sensations that it provided were very similar to being naturally wet. For a water-based lube, this lubricant also lingered for a long time, prolonging the moistness that it provided. This definitely heightened both arousal and pleasure for me.

This was certainly, in part, due to how natural the lubricant felt in contrast to other lubes—which are sometimes too thick to simulate natural lubrication. I’m not sure if I would liken the texture of this lubricant to silicone (as the Wicked website does) but it certainly provides a sensation all its own that was very much appreciated!

When used on my partner I could instantly tell that he was enjoying this flavoured lubricant more than any of the others I have previously used (at least in terms of texture).

When prompted about it he explained that, because it’s thinner than other oral lubes, this lubricant allowed for a more sensitive feeling than usual, in the best possible way. Despite this he still felt thoroughly lubes up (even after long oral sessions) and never felt like the lubricant was lacking. He too felt that it had a silky texture that enhanced the whole experience for him.

And all this is before addressing the flavoured part of these flavoured lubes!

Personally I found this lubricant fantastic for oral sex. Because it is thinner than most oral lubes it allowed for smoother motions, while also letting me appreciate the finer details of my partner’s anatomy. In all cases, these flavoured lubricants lasted an impressively long time without needing to be reapplied, and retained their flavour throughout.

I wouldn’t call these lubricants subtle in terms of flavour though. The flavour isn’t overwhelming, but they all have a very distinct smell and flavour, and the taste of them becomes immediately apparent upon first contact.

For some people this will be a huge plus. Having a fairly strong flavoured lube is something that speaks for itself. But those who appreciate a more delicate or subtle palette from their flavoured lubricant may find Wicked’s line slightly too strong. This can be remedied by applying less lubricant, though.

Personally I adored every flavour that Wicked provided me with.

They’re all sweet, but none to the point where I found them sickly, making them appealing even to a savoury-craver such as myself. Whenever I used one of these lubricants I couldn’t help but go to town—rapidly lapping up the flavours with so much gusto that my partner had to remind me to slow down every now and then. I think that’s testament to how good these lubricants were for me, but also speaks volumes about how sleek, sensual, and well-made these lubricant are. They really do allow you to get immersed in the experience.

None of the flavoured lubricants had an unpleasant aftertaste. All of them focused solely on the flavour, which allowed users to enjoy the taste and experience them fully.

Of course (as with all flavoured lubricants) whether you’ll like these lubes or not ultimately comes down to what appeals to your personal tastes. As such I’ll let you know how these lubricants tasted for me—providing you with an idea as to whether or not they may appeal to your palette:

Candy Apple- Probably my least favourite of the Wicked Sensations line, but it’s nice regardless. Probably the sweetest of the flavoured line, Candy Apple delivers on its name. It tastes exactly like an apple dipped in that red sugar candy coating. Thoughts of Halloween or a seaside excursion are triggered whenever I use this lube, but it’s still a tad too sweet for my personal liking.

Salted Caramel- This flavour also has the kind of sweetness that you’d naturally expect from a caramel product. However this sweetness is counteracted effectively by the salty aspect of it—which perfectly complements the taste and allows for a rich caramel treat. There is a slight bitterness to this lubricant which also adds to the flavour. Overall this lubricant has done very well balancing both its salty and sweet elements.

Vanilla Bean- Much like the Salted Caramel flavour, this flavour has a slightly bitter element to it that stops it from being sickly sweet. As a result this lubricant tastes like a very silky, very smooth vanilla syrup. Sometimes I think it’s good enough to put on ice cream, but I’m more than happy with its intended use too.

Mocha Java- My favourite flavoured lubricant of all the Wicked samples I received and one of my favourite oral lubes ever. This lubricant tastes like a Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino. To me that’s heaven. The flavour of coffee is very prominent, but does not outshine the chocolaty sweetness. Plain and simple but unbeatable for mocha fans. I love it.

And that’s all of the flavours that I managed to sample. Again, all of these lubricants are rather sweet—so if you don’t have a sweet tooth you might not be too enamoured with these lubricants. Those who like fruity flavours might be interested to know that Wicked also does a Pomegranate flavour. However, as I haven’t tested it I cannot give an informed assessment of what this might taste like.

Final Thoughts

The Wicked Sensations flavoured lubricants are a fantastic line of flavoured lubes for anyone craving sweet sensations while they pleasure their partner.

The range of flavours all stay within the sweet spectrum but are diverse and balanced enough that they never truly border over into sickly.

To top this all of the thin consistency of this lubricant acted as an unexpected gambit to bring the whole experience to an orgasmic level or sensation.

All-in-all I know I’ll be ordering more of the Mocha Java at least, and I am convinced that it’s well worth the money. However, those who suffer from yeast infections and UTIs may be best avoiding these products, or at least avoiding use on them.

Recommend to:

People who prefer silky textures.

People who prefer thin lubricants.

People with a sweet tooth.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who really dislike sweet flavours.

People who prefer gel-like lubricants.

People with an intolerance to Glycerin.

Wicked’s flavoured lubricants can be purchased online from a variety of places, depending on the flavour. If you’re in the UK this can take a bit more sleuthing. 

  • I prefer lubes with a gel like thickness for anal play, but these sound fun for oral, particularly Vanilla Bean. How strong is the smell? Does it linger in the air or do you have to be close to it?