Toy Review: Dimple Twist from A Touch of Glass

Out of all of the wonderful A Touch of Glass toys that I own, the Dimple Twist has the tragic misfortune of being my least favourite. That’s not to say that the Dimple Twist isn’t a great toy, it is, but I get the distinct feeling that it doesn’t work well with my anatomy.

I’ll explain more about that in a while but, first, let’s look at the specs.

The Dimple Twist puts a different spin on sex toys.

The Dimple Twist was kindly provided to me by A Touch of Glass in exchange for an honest review. If you want to know more about what a fantastic company A Touch of Glass is then check out my Double-O and Sundew Medley reviews.

To give a short summary A Touch of Glass specializes in high-quality glass dildos. These dildos are made from durable borosilicate glass—which is non-toxic, non-porous, hypoallergenic, and impressively temperature resistant. In addition to making sure that their dildos are top-class, A Touch of Glass also offers a lifetime warranty on all of their products, has a Loyalty Points system, and donates 5% of every sale to the Breast Cancer Partnership.

All-in-all they are a wonderful company that are definitely worth trusting when it comes to glass sex toys.

The Dimple Twist arrived to me in a discreet parcel, was well packaged, and came with its own storage bag. While this bag is lovely it is a bit too big for the Dimple Twist (in terms of length), so some care is still required when storing it in this bag.

The Dimple Twist itself has a relatively modest insertable length of 4 inches but there’s a reason for this.

The handle is easy to grip as long as your hands aren’t too lubed up.

As the name might partially give away, the Dimple Twist isn’t a conventional dildo. At the end of its flared base, it has a little handle that allows you to insert it and begin rotating it for stimulation. To add to the pleasure this produces the flared base of the Dimple Twist has nodules on the edge—which are intended to stimulate the clitoris and labia (but can also excite the perineum as well, depending on your anatomy). Topping this all off there are raised spirals that curve down the shaft of this toy.

The spirals and base of this dildo are built to please.

While the photos on the Dimple Twist’s product page don’t necessarily make it stand out, the head of the Dimple Twist is also rather bulbous and was larger than I had expected. It’s not size queen huge, but it is notably large in proportion to the shaft. The head has indentations on it which (to agree with other reviewers) makes it look somewhat akin to a lemon squeezer. While these may not look like much they do contribute to the sensations of this toy when in use, and add an interesting element to what would otherwise have been a smooth area.

The bulbous head of this toy is sizeable.

As with all glass toys, the Dimple Twist can be heated or cooled to change up the sensations for a bit of temperature play with your partner. In application I found this similar to my experience with the Double-O and the Sundew Medley. For me cooling the dildo down made the sensations more prominent, warming it up gave centre stage to the comforting sensation of the heat, and keeping it at its natural temperature (and letting it warm up during use) allowed the sensations to shine through without being as nippy as when the dildo is cooled down. In all cases the Dimple Twist retained heat well, making it suitable for temperature experimentation.

The twisting motion that this toy provides internally can lead to some very different sensations—which will excite some and leave others a bit bemused.

In use the Dimple Twist can be inserted fully and twisted (so that you feel the base rub fully against your vulva) or it can be inserted and gently twisted as you very slowly move it in a thrusting motion (never removing fully from the vagina, but allowing it to vary between being shallow or deeper). Either way you use it not a single detail of this toy goes unnoticed and all of it comes together to complement the twisting motion.

Put simply, when the Dimple Twist does it right it knocks it out of the park. This toy can be great for internal stimulation—with its distinct swirling motion capable of providing G-Spot stimulation, despite the lack of a curve—while also providing external pleasure through its base. As such anyone looking for an unconventional glass dildo, or anyone wanting to try new sensations, will probably appreciate the Dimple Twist.

Sadly this dildo rarely worked well with my body.

Even at high arousal points I found that the twist motions of this toy were very hit-and-miss for me. For some reason my vagina only liked clockwise motions (bizarre) and wouldn’t tolerate any deviation from this direction. In addition to this, while the internal stimulation was pleasant, it was very rarely enough to bring me to orgasm, even when I used a vibrator externally.

Why would I be using a vibrator, you might ask? Well, unfortunately for me, the base of the Dimple Twist was not wide enough to be anywhere near my clitoris, and only had a minimal impact on my labia. Because of this I couldn’t use the Dimple Twist as it was fully intended, and I do feel like I was missing out on a key aspect of the toy’s charm. But that’s what happens sometimes. The anatomy varies and one size does not fit all. It was just unfortunate that the Dimple Twist fell short of the mark for me.

My partner also struggled to use this toy on me, despite frequent feedback during use. We tried to use it together a few times but even the slightest angle change during a turn of this toy could cause extreme discomfort and sometimes even pain. Most of these tests ended with either me taking over or both of us calling it a day there and placing the toy to one side.

This is a shame because when the Dimple Twist did worked for me it worked well and provided unique, gratifying sensations. Sadly, these sensations came too rarely for my personal taste.

Again, a lot of this comes down to anatomy and my experience is not the only one out there. Some reviewers also had mixed opinions about the Dimple Twist (though they could use it clitorally) but still enjoyed it overall, whereas others just couldn’t praise it enough. Everyone’s body is different and I urge you to look at a wide range of reviews before deciding whether or not the Dimple Twist is for you.

In the end I can appreciate the charm and ingenuity of this toy, although it didn’t work well with my body. The Dimple Twist knows exactly what it wants to do and every element of it is designed to do it well. Just be wary if you’ve had previous problems with dual-stimulations toys in the like, because you might also find that the Dimple Twist falls short of your expectations.

Recommend to:

People looking for new sensations.

People who want a versatile toy.

People who want a couple’s toy.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who struggle with dual-stimulators (rabbits, etc.).

People who prefer conventional dildos.

People who want a sizeable dildo.

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  • I’m curious about it. The mixed opinions and various textures make this a toy you have to take a chance with :)

    • emmelinepeaches

      Definitely. It’s one of those toys you just have to weight up and then take a chance on based on what you’ve read.