Product Review: Waterglide Warming & Woman Lubricants

Barbara Kelly was kind enough to provide me with a sample of Waterglide’s water-based lubricant in Warming and Woman.

Both of these lubricants share some common traits, so I’ll be looking at the lubricants together before addressing their individual pros and cons.

Both Waterglide lubricants come in a clear plastic bottle.

Waterglide’s lubricant is a high-quality, water-based lubricant made by a certified German manufacturer. The lubricant is CE marked medical grade lubricant. It’s latex compatible, is PH neutral, and has been dermatologically and clinically tested as skin-friendly. It claims to be free from abrasive ingredients and to be “Ideally suited for oral sex”.

The taste test quickly out ruled both of these products for me when it came to oral compatibility. Both lubricants had a sugary tang to them coupled with a slight chemical after-taste which was just generally unpleasant for me. This taste was particularly sickly in the warming gel, but both were quite sweet.

Because the sickly sweetness of these lubricants were the main deterrent for me, those with a sweet tooth may be able to use this lubricant orally, but I wouldn’t recommend it for those who dislike very sweet flavours.

Both of these lubricants have a little logo.

Both of these lubricants come out of the bottle as a very thick, goopy gel. Thicker than the Durex Massage Gel, this goopy consistency allows the Waterglide lubricants to spread evenly, while still retaining a thick texture that provides a good buffer for harder toys or toy sessions. It has real sticking power and can last for a surprisingly long time considering that it’s water-based.

Unfortunately this ‘sticking power’ comes with a negative trade-off.

I found both of these lubricants to be incredibly sticky, clingly, and hard to clean off of the skin. It took a fair amount of Cheeky Wash to dispel this lubricant—making it unsuitable for impromptu sex sessions, those who prefer an easy clean-up, or people who generally dislike sticky lubricants.

Still, there has to be some trade-off for the thickness of this lubricant and I feel that those who like thick lubricants may still appreciate the texture and overall performance of the Waterglide lubricants.

Without getting into too many specifics, the sticky quality of this lubricant is probably its biggest downside. However, this lubricant also has the weirdest selling point, which I just have to write about.

Among the typical claims of PH optimization, toy compatibility, etc. was the claim that this lubricant is ‘Fat-Free’.

This is probably the first water-based lubricant I’ve encountered that has proudly declared that they are fat-free—leaving me with a bemused look on my face whenever I read that tagline. I don’t really know what to do with that info, but I know that it needed to be shared.

Now, onto the individual products.

Waterglide Warming

Waterglide Warming is meant to provide a gentle warming effect for users, which (in theory) should heighten arousal and sensation.

Unfortunately, despite Waterglide’s claim that this product is (to quote the bottle) “absolutely skin-friendly”, this was not the case for me. This lubricant didn’t gently warm, it just straight-up burned and stung and was generally unpleasant.

After I removed this lubricant I was left with itching and irritation that didn’t go away for a few hours afterwards. Overall this was not ideal.

Then again, it should be noted that my genitals are incredibly sensitive and my experience is, most likely, not the norm.

For many I’m sure that this lubricant will provide the gentle warming sensation it intended to. However, because all I could feel was burning I am not the best to comment on this. All I can say is that people with incredibly sensitive skin should avoid this lubricant.

This lubricant also contains Glycerin, so people who suffer heavily from Yeast Infections are better off giving this lubricant a miss as well (as a precaution).

At the end of the day my experience with Waterglide’s Warming lubricant was not a positive one at all, and my quest for more sensation lubricants that don’t hurt me continues.

Waterglide Woman

My experience with Waterglide Woman was markedly more positive than the one I had with Waterglide Warming.

Because Waterglide Woman is so thick it does provide an enjoyable buffer for toys and offers long-lasting fun. This is definitely something that some people will appreciate.

However, I don’t see what makes Waterglide Woman specifically woman-centric. Is it the fact that it’s thick enough for long toy sessions? Both lubricants were quite goopy so this doesn’t seem likely to me. Is it that the label is pink? Or that the little logo has a woman in it? I’m not sure.

So womanly?

Of course this lubricant sticks to gender binaries and ignores the fact that not all women have vaginas and not all vagina-owners are women, but I’ve given Waterglide Woman a free pass on this (mainly because it didn’t burn me).

However, for a product that claims to be “tailored to woman’s needs” I at least expected the Glycerin that was present in Waterglide Warming to be absent.


Waterglide Woman also contains Glycerin. Admittedly there are mixed opinions on the potential of Glycerin to cause Yeast Infections, and the majority of women won’t have a problem with Gylcerin at all. However, you’d think that a product aimed specifically at vaginal use would want to circumvent the Gylcerin debate by avoiding the ingredient altogether. Better safe than sorry after all.

Perhaps I’m being too picky, but this seems to be a pretty big oversight for a product that is clearly trying to cater to vaginas.

My only other issue with Waterglide Woman was that it also left me with some irritation and itchiness after use. So, again, those with sensitive skin might need to be wary around this lubricant.

Overall Waterglide Woman is a fine, thick, water-based lubricant, but I’d hardly call it woman-centric (or even woman-suitable in some cases).

Final Thoughts

Although my experiences with both Waterglide lubricants provoked some degree of irritation (physically and otherwise) I wouldn’t necessarily call Waterglide a bad lubricant.

If you’re looking for a thick, passable, water-based lubricant and you don’t have sensitive skin or an inclination towards Yeast Infections then Waterglide will probably do you just fine. Sadly I can’t fully recommend this lubricant though, partially because of how my body reacted to it and partially because of its dubious product labelling.

Recommend to:

People who want a thick lubricant.

People who are seeking a buffer for firm toys.

People who want a long-lasting water-based lubricant.

Do Not Recommend to:

People with sensitive skin.

People who are prone to Yeast Infections.

People who dislike sticky lubricants.


These products were provided to me by Barbara Kelly in exchange for an honest review. Communicating with the folks over at Barbara Kelly was a breeze. My items arrived quickly and were well packed. Barbara Kelly offer free delivery on all UK orders over £10. Hop over to Barbara Kelly to get yourself a treat today!