Toy Review: Shots Toys Cupido Egg

I’m the first one to admit that, when it comes to vibrations, I’m a sucker for power. However, sometimes it’s nice to be slowly built up, teased, and generally warmed up for whatever may lie ahead. The Cupido Egg is great for this.

“Make love from a distance”.

The Cupido Egg is Phthalate-free and made out of a silky smooth material that is soft to stroke. The box that the Cupido Egg comes in says that this is silicone but it feels more akin to ABS Plastic in terms of texture and firmness. Either way this toy is body-safe so you don’t need to worry about safety during use

The Cupido Egg has two parts—the insertable egg and the controller.

The controller for this toy is very straightforward and easy to use. There are two arrows (up˄ and down˅) and an off switch. To turn the egg on you just press the up switch, which also filters through the different vibration patterns. To go back you just use the down button and to turn the egg off you use the off switch. This controller can work from up to 20 meters away—allowing the Cupido Egg to be remotely used by yourself of by your partner.

The controller is easy to use but doesn't give much of an indication as to what mode you're on.
The controller is easy to use but doesn’t give much of an indication as to what vibration mode you’re on.

The insertable egg is where you’ll be receiving the vibrations. The egg itself can seem a bit intimidating at first. It’s roughly 3.5 inches in length and about 4.25 inches around. While this may seem like a lot to have inserted for prolonged use it’s not much different in application to the size and circumference of some kegel exercisers, and doesn’t feel anywhere near as big as it looks.

Inserting this toy is very easy, and the smooth feel of the material means that with just a small amount of lube this toy is an effortless insert. The egg has little ‘wings’ on it—which are a few raised arches of texture. These wings are smooth enough so as to not cause discomfort, but are prominent enough that they add to the experience of using this egg. The Cupido Egg has a plastic chord that makes for easy retrieval once you’re done with it.

Like many egg vibrators, the Cupido Egg has a variety of vibration patterns, 10 to be precise. Three of these are different strengths of a consistent vibration and the rest are pre-determined patterns. The vibrations on this toy are buzzy, but not horrendously so, and I think anyone who likes buzzy vibrations will like this toy (and maybe even some who typically don’t).

What might shock some about the vibrations of this toy is that, while they are buzzy, they aren’t all felt on the surface-level of the toy and, instead, reside deeper within it. I found that this wasn’t great for clitoral stimulation but, then again, that’s not what this toy is for.

When inserted the deeper placement of these vibrations has a clear meaning—as it makes this toy great for just staying in the vagina. There the vibrations buzz away, teasing your insides and slowly bringing you to the threshold of climax over time. This, can be very exciting in-and-of-itself. However, let your partner have control and suddenly you’re at the whims of their desire—teased from the inside.

This was the real charm of the Cupido Egg for me.

The vibrations of this toy were not strong enough to bring me to orgasm but I didn’t care because the thrill of the Cupido Egg doesn’t come from the climax but from the build-up.

I took a great amount of pleasure from letting my partner take control, giving in to his wishes, and feeling him vary the settings—testing and teasing me until we eventually got down to business. There was even the slightest hint of a master/slave dynamic at times—as I was at the mercy of his control and he could punish or pleasure me as he saw fit. It was very tame but still incredibly satisfying.

Because of this I really enjoyed the Cupido Egg. It knows exactly what level of vibration strength to provide to gently tantalize its recipient and can build up an intense yearning that is bound to provoke further erotic acts.

Another thing worth mentioning about the Cupido Egg (as a side note) was that I was happily surprised to find that I really enjoyed the different vibration patterns of this toy. Usually I’m not a pattern-nut however, given the teasing premise of the Cupido Egg, the patterns of this egg served to enhance the overall experience instead of act against it.

So bravo Cupido Egg, you’ve actually got me to enjoy vibration patterns.

But, as with most toys, there are still some downsides to the Cupido Egg.

The first is the noise level. Sometimes—in very quiet rooms, when sitting down, or when the vibrations were on a stronger settings—you could definitely hear the toy. It wasn’t overly loud, but there was a definite buzzing that could be heard by those who were paying attention. For some people this will heighten the tension of using this toy, but there are times and places where this isn’t appropriate, and some couples may be off-put or worried at the prospect that others might hear them.

The other issue with this toy is one that my partner brought up—which is that, when using the controls, you cannot tell what setting the toy is on. While this isn’t a huge issue, it does mean that the one using the remote doesn’t have as much control as they might like and sometimes have to guess about whether or not they’ve done what they intend. This led to a few hit and misses with my partner (where he thought he’d done one thing where, in reality, he’d done the opposite) so it is worth keeping in mind. Though I wouldn’t say it’s a deal breaker.

The control is also rather obvious (in that it’s a little pink controller) but I think purchasing this toy in black would eliminate this problem (or at least alleviate it).

Finally, the last point isn’t a problem as much as a warning. As soon as you’re done with this toy you need to remove the batteries, otherwise they will run down. My partner and I learnt this through trial-and-error. Thankfully the Cupido Egg comes with its own batteries so, as long as you use them right, you should be good to go for a while.

Overall the Cupido Egg is a brilliant purchase if you’re looking for a remote control toy that isn’t too intense. It’s not the most versatile toy in the toy box but it knows exactly what it’s meant to do and it does it well. I’ll certainly be using this tantalizing tease of a toy and look forward to whatever my partner might have in store for me the next time we put it to good use.

Recommend to:

People looking for a good remote control toy.

People who want a toy for prolonged foreplay.

People who like gentle vibrations.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike buzzy vibrations.

People who are self-conscious about being heard.

People who are 100% Power Queens.

The Cupido Egg was provided to me by Shots Media in exchange for an honest review. The Cupido Egg can be purchased at their site here or, alternatively, you can buy it on Amazon here. The black version is also available on Amazon and can be found here.

  • It doesn’t have the usual egg shape but I figure that’s a good thing since its meant as foreplay. This egg can be easily held inside the vagina even as arousal increases.
    It sounds like you had fun! I enjoy extended teasing but it’s usually me teasing my partner. It might be fun to switch that up :)