Toy Review: Sundew Medley from A Touch of Glass

A Touch of Glass were kind enough to send me the Sundew Medley in exchange for an honest review, much to my delight.

I had been eyeing this glass beauty up on A Touch of Glass since I first discovered saw it. This dildo’s golden colour and combination smooth-and-textured surface drew me in immediately. However, staring at this delicious dildo online does not do it justice at all.

As with my Double-O, the Sundew Medley arrived swiftly, was very well packed, and came with a nice fabric bag for long-term storage.

In my Double-O review I mentioned some of the many benefits of ordering from A Touch of Glass. However, what I failed to mention was that each order from A Touch of Glass comes with a free sachet of Give Lube’s Premium Aqua Gel and can earn you Loyalty Points to put towards future purchases.

In addition to all of this, A Touch of Glass donates 5% of every sale to the Breast Cancer Partnership. How fab is that!

Anyway when I said that looking at this dildo online can’t do it justice and I meant it. Despite the stunning image that A Touch of Glass provides for this dildo I’m convinced that no image can truly capture just how beautiful this toy is.

Images certainly can’t do this toy justice.

When I look at the Sundew Medley I immediately think of sunflowers.

Its honey-golden base colour captures light with ease, allowing it to shine like amber.  Meanwhile darker shades are used for the nodules and lines that adorn the shaft—creating a swirled pattern that interweaves when you look through the toy. It’s truly spectacular.

The toy itself is both modest in size and girth. The insertable length of this dildo is 6 inches and the shaft width is 1 inch. At its maximum width this toy is only 1.25 inches. This makes the Sundew Medley quite unintimidating, even for those who might be new to glass dildos.

However, don’t underestimate this toy just because of its measurements.

The bulbous head of this toy is the widest useable section—widening from the reasonable rounded tip downwards to provide a pleasurable sensation when used for penetration.

The nodules on the Sundew Medley are its biggest asset.

As the bulbous head leads onto the shaft of this toy, you are greeted immediately with a section of raised nodules that have a diagonal pattern to them (which swirls around the toy). Again, while these nodules may not seem like much they’re actually incredibly noticeable during use. If you like texture then you’ll probably love these nodules, as they practically declare themselves at every opportunity.

This is followed by the smooth section of the shaft, which acts as a nice compliment to the overall design of this dildo.

I have to say, I really liked the Sundew Medley during use.

Because of the flawlessly smooth texture that glass provides, rubbing the Medley’s hard nodules up and down my clitoris provided a great amount of pleasure—which was only complimented by the bulbous head simultaneously being able to tease my labia and vaginal entrance. It could be that this toy just fitted my anatomy really well in this instance, but those who like texture against their clitoris will probably enjoy what the Sundew Medley has to offer.

Using this toy for vaginal penetration is also a treat.

As I said before, the bulbous head of this toy makes sure that you’re aware of this dildo as soon as it’s inserted, but it’s the nodules of the Medley that really stand out. These nodules felt incredibly pronounced for me, and thrusting the Sundew Medley in and out at different speeds can produce an interesting variation which is bound to excite anyone who likes raised bumps on their toys.

Speaking of variation, the Sundew Medley is also great for temperature play—as glass retains temperatures fairly well. As with the Double-O I tested my Sundew Medley at various temperatures and, I have to say, the results were (happily) similar. If it’s cold then the focus on the texture becomes much more acute, if it’s hot then it’s like a warm blanket for your vagina and the temperature takes centre stage, and if its room temperature then you get the benefit of the texture without the chill.

Out of all of these options I probably prefer keeping my Sundew Medley at room temperature the most. There’s something appealing to me about just inserting the Sundew Medley and allowing it to warm with my body’s temperature (which is also does extremely well).

But back to vaginal uses.

I found my favourite way to use the Sundew Medley internally was to avoid thrusting and, instead, (for lack of a better word) wiggle it around a bit while applying a vibe to my clit. This way I was able to appreciate the texture of this toy through intense muscle contractions, which was literally orgasmic.

Texture-wise the Sundew Medley is a winner, and I’ll be using it like this a lot more in the future.

That being said, this toy does have a few weaknesses.

The biggest one is one that you’ve probably already guessed—no curve. This means that, unlike the Double-O, the Sundew Medley isn’t ideal for G-Spot orgasms (though it is capable of producing them if you know what works for you). Because of this I’d probably recommend the Double-O over the Sundew Medley if G-Spotting is your goal.

While texture is one of the Medley’s biggest assets, it could also be a bit of a deterrent, depending on your relaxation levels and tolerance of texture.

At times I did find that the nodules on the Sundew Medley were too pronounced for vigorous thrusting, and I had to be really relaxed and well-lubed in order to get the best results. Subsequently, if you know that texture really isn’t your thing, or you’re looking for a toy to thrust with but have minimal experience with texture, then it might be worth thinking twice before purchasing this dildo.

Other than that I really can’t think of any scathing downsides to this toy, and certainly nothing objectively bad about it.

The Sundew Medley is an exquisite erotic item that stands out (with its outstanding aesthetic appeal) and would make a great addition to the toy box of anyone wanting to strike out into glass of textured toys.

Recommend to:

People who want to try textured toys.

People who know they like texture.

People who like temperature play.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want a G-Spot toy.

People who dislike temperature.

Size Queens.

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  • It’s a lovely toy. Glass always looks glamourous *smiles*
    I’m surprised that you mention the texture being so noticeable since the studs don’t cover the entirety of the toy. Then again, they are pretty prominent.