Product Review: Give Pleasure’s Cheeky Wash

When Give Pleasure provided me with their Give Lube products they were also kind enough to provide me with a bottle of their Cheeky Wash intimate cleanser and expandable wipes. I was so impressed with these products that I felt that they deserved a review all their own. So here it is.

Cheeky Wash is travel-friendly and comes in semi-discreet packaging.

Cheeky Wash towel off intimate cleanser is a great product which can be used pretty much anywhere and has multiple uses. It comes in a 65ml bottle (which is compact enough to travel with) and the wipes are about the size of a large tablet.

While the Cheeky Wash bottle doesn’t necessarily scream ‘adult use’ it does package itself clearly as an ‘intimate cleanser’, and the bottle is pink with red love hearts, so it might raise some eyebrows if left out in the open.

The cleanser, itself, is unfragranced and antibacterial. It aims to clean and moisturise the skin and leave you fresh and hygienic without the use of water—just place it on your skin, massage until it is soapy, clean yourself, and wipe it off with a towel or some tissues.

Cheeky Wash is Paraben-free, pH balanced, and non-irritating.

While this means that most users shouldn’t have a problem with Cheeky Wash, it does contain Propylene Glycol. Subsequently if you’ve had an issue with this ingredient in the past then you might also find Cheeky Wash a bit irritating.

The Cheeky Wash expandable wipes are a clever compliment to the Cheeky Wash cleanser.

Cheeky Wash wipes are great fun to use.

The wipes are very compact, very lightweight (approx. 2.6g), and are made out of 100% natural Rayon. At first these wipes look like teeny-tiny tablets. However, add some Cheeky Wash (or water) and they soon expand and unravel to reveal a thin cloth about the size of a face towel.

This cloth is great for wiping your body, your toys, or your intimate areas. After use you just towel yourself dry (or allow yourself to naturally dry).

Both of these products are incredibly travel friendly and are great for whenever you need to freshen up in a rush. You can find a full list of Cheeky Uses on the Give Pleasure website. Examples include at a festival, when camping, for spontaneous fun times, or after sex.

When testing this product I tended to use Cheeky Wash after sex. Lathering it on my intimate areas I was delighted to find that this cleanser didn’t cause me any irritation at all (despite my notoriously sensitive skin). What I did experience was a slight tingling feeling that was refreshing and not at all unwanted.

I was also impressed by how quickly and easily this cleanser cut through lubricants. It worked equally well on water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based lubes.

After use it really was just a case of towelling it off for a clean, refreshed feeling.

Cheeky Wash wasn’t sticky and there were no unpleasant after effects, so I really have nothing bad to say about this product.

Using the Cheeky Wash wipes was quick and easy. The wipes expand readily when they come into contact with Cheeky Wash, and the cloth is durable and well-suited for its intended job. My only big issue with the Cheeky Wipes is that they do require a fair amount of Cheeky Wash to fully expand, so sometimes it does seem a bit excessive.

The packaging also claims that these wipes are reusable, but I can’t help but feel like they’re best suited as a one-use item.

Regardless both Cheeky Wash products are fantastic and perform their job extremely well. On top of that both Cheeky Wash and the Cheeky Wash wipes are incredibly affordable (at about £3.99/£4.99 a bottle and £1.99 for a pack of four wipes). Whether you plan to use these products for sex or more innocent pursuits, Cheeky Wash provides effective, compact products which leave you fresh and squeaky clean.

Recommend to:

People who want a compact intimate cleanser.

People who like to get quick clean before or after sex.

People who camp or attend festivals.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who have a reaction to Propylene Glycol.

People who prefer to shower.

People who want 100% discreet packaging.

Cheeky Wash can be found over at Bondara and Uberkinky

  • This takes me back! I remember having those bath towels folded into the shape of a flower or a car as a kid. It was the same thing, you put in your bath water to watch it expand. (The warning not to swallow is a familiar admonition as well *laughs*)
    I don’t have much use for this since I usually shower, but if I were to have intercourse somewhere…unusual, I’m sure these would be very handy!