Toy Review: Tantus Vamp(s)

It has to be said that I’ve never been one for realistic looking dildos. Something about them tends to be a bit too uncanny valley for my personal tastes. It’s silly, I know, but that’s just how it is, or was. Now that I own the Vamp I would grab for it any day of the week. It’s good. It’s so good. It’s change-my-view-on-realistic-looking-toys good. Yes, that good.

002 - Copy
The Vamp really hammers in the Twilight reference (among other things).

It’s impossible to look at the Vamp and not think of Twilight. I mean, c’mon, it’s a Vampire-inspired dick that shimmers (or, as Tantus puts it, ‘sparkles’) when placed under direct sunlight. That’s a Twilight reference if I ever did see one. As such, this toy might appeal to fans of the Saga, if only for its clear nod at the franchise.

That being said, if you hate Twilight then there’s still a lot to love about this delicious dildo.

As a company Tantus takes the utmost care to make sure their products are high-quality, body-safe, and factor in customer satisfaction. Subsequently the Vamp is made out of medical-grade platinum based silicone, which is pretty much the peak of silicone in terms of body-safety. Because of this the Vamp is non-toxic, Phthalate-free, and hypoallergenic.

All of this is fantastic and means that Tantus dildos are pretty much top of the line in terms of realistic silicone dildos (not to mention their other toys).

When it comes to the Vamp it’s made of a rather firm silicone that is glossy in appearance but not very soft to the touch. While this toy did feel a bit unappealing for me at first, I found that this glossy texture meant that it lubed up and inserted very easily, with minimized drag. Meanwhile the firmness of the silicone helped emphasise the fullness that this toy can provide.

The Vamp isn’t the biggest toy out there but it can deliver quite a girthy feeling. It has about 7 inches of insertable length and has a large head (has roughly a 5.25 inch circumference at its widest point). This shouldn’t be too hard for most people to take, but it does still add a nice full feeling when inserted. And that head. Oh my, that head.

The head of the Tantus Vamp is where the magic happens.

The hefty head of this toy is what makes the Tantus Vamp truly great as it knows just how to hit the G-Spot. I found that the best way to use this toy was to insert it and then leave it inserted while taking a vibe to my clit—allowing my vaginal muscles to contract around it and stimulate the sweet spot. The result of this was reliably, tantalizingly, consistently, fantastic G-Spot orgasms that were deep, throbbing, and prolonged.

Because of this I often grab for my Tantus Vamp—it’s just too good not to!

However, that’s not to say the Vamp is perfect.

The silicone used for the Vamp (while great for penetration) collects so much dust, lint, and hair, it’s unreal. It’s worse than the Xenogon, so thorough cleanings before and after sex are a must.

Great as it is, this head can do more harm than good for some people.

The head of this toy, while its greatest asset, is also a potential downside for this toy. Because of its large shape and flared sculpt it could be a bit too large to be comfortably inserted for some people.  Personally, while I find this toy great for G-Spot stimulation, I certainly couldn’t use it comfortably as a thrusting toy. This will vary from person to person, but if you want a thrusting toy and you know that a large toy wouldn’t agree with you then you might want to rule out the Vamp.

Those are the two biggest cons and, typically, this is where I’d be wrapping up and moving on to final thoughts. However, I had a rather ‘interesting’ experience with my Vamp.

I received my Tantus Vamp from Vibrator Kingdom—a fantastic company that actively champions body-safe toys—and it came with so many goodies that I was literally giddy before I had even unwrapped my Vamp. Fantastic customer service from Vibrator Kingdom right there.

Vibrator Kingdom’s service was fantastic.

However, when I took my Vamp out of the packaging I found that it had a small defect.

There was a shallow gash in the silicone shaft, accompanied with a side scraping on one side of the gash. This wasn’t overly compromising, but it did make cleaning much more difficult on a toy that’s already a dust-magnet.

Vamp gash
A look at the damage.

Aware of this, I contacted Vibrator Kingdom and asked them what I should do and we both decided contacting Tantus directly was the best route of action.

Again, Tantus is a fantastic company so, as soon as they found out about the damage, they arranged a replacement toy. Me and the lovely Jenna from Tantus spoke about the damage but we were unable to figure out what might have caused it (though we both agreed that it would be very much appreciated if Benedict Cumberbatch turned up to try and help us solve the mystery).

Regardless, if you know me then you’ll know by now that I have a knack for receiving toys with defects. It’s just my luck, and Tantus sent me a replacement swiftly, so this didn’t bother me too much. What did interest me was the look of my two Vamps.

Vamp comparisons
Two very different toys.

Compared to my original, the replacement Vamp had much more detail and definition, a firmer base, and a more prominent head.

Because of these differences I contacted Jenna again and asked her if the Vamp had gained a new mould at some point. The answer to this was yes.

Apparently, when Tantus made their move from California to Nevada they set out to improve their entire line to incorporate customer feedback. It seemed that customers wanted a firmer, thicker base that was more stable when in a harness. Along the way Tantus also made some changes to their product’s designs—improving upon them where possible.

This decision was motivated entirely by customer feedback and is a real testament to how dedicated and sincerely caring Tantus is as a company.

However, as you can see, this left me with two rather different Vamps. So did the change make a difference (and, if so, was it for the better)?

Vamp head
Depending on your preference, the difference in the Vamp’s head might be a game-changer.

When testing the two Vamps I definitely prefer the newer model. The base is more secure for holding on to, the texture on the shaft is a welcome addition, and the increased definition of the head allows the Vamp to hit my G-Spot in a more intense manner. However, both models are top-notch, and the older Vamp is, perhaps, a bit more forgiving if you want a toy to thrust with.

All-in-all this is a fantastic toy, sold by a fantastic company and provided to me by a fantastic supplier (or should I say fang-tastic?). If you want a realistic dildo and crave G-Spot stimulation then the Vamp might just be worth the stakes. It’s certainly worth coffin up the money for and it won’t leave you cross….okay I’m going to stop the review here before I become a real pain in the neck.

Recommend to:

People who crave G-Spot orgasms.

People who like girth.

People looking for a body-friendly, harness compatible, realistic dildo.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want a toy that doesn’t gather lint.

People who want a thrusting toy but dislike girth.

People who prefer soft silicone.

  • My Vamp is a Grab Bag version of the newer model and I think it is simply divine <3
    Still, ooking at the old and new side by side I almost want one of the old ones as well. I can only thrust with my Vamp when I am highly aroused, and even then it can leave me sore.