Product Review: Sex Butter

When the wonderful Bonnie over at Sex Butter kindly provided me with a sample of her product, in exchange for an honest review, she made sure to let me know that Sex Butter was more than just a lubricant but was also a sexual enhancer.

Sex Butter now has a new and improved look.
Sex Butter now has a new and improved look.

Sex Butter advertises itself as a vaginal moisturizer and sexual enhancer that promotes arousal and boost orgasms. It is meant to strengthen passion, increase pleasure, and provide intense orgasms (that can help women with low libido).

It is Paraben-free, hormone free, menthol-free, and 100% edible. This is because Sex Butter only uses natural oils (avoiding any synthetic ingredients). Sex Butter contains Coconut oil, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Jojoba oil, Grape seed oil and a blend of essential oils.

On Sex Butter’s website you can find a full list of research concerning these ingredients. To give a shortened version, the ingredients in Sex Butter are meant to have antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory properties and can help with dry skin and skin conditions.

All of this is great if you’re conscious about ingredients, or find that synthetic ingredients aggravate your body. As with Yes, because Sex Butter uses natural oils it shouldn’t cause any problems with the vagina.

Sex Butter comes in a protective jar that can easily be made inconspicuous.

Sex Butter comes in a rather nice acrylic jar that keeps it safe and sound. However, the Sex Butter actually comes in a smaller, plastic insert—which I feel does give you the illusion that you’re getting more butter than you actually do. Not that I’m knocking the amount. One Jar of Sex Butter should last 20-40 uses, but I feel that the jar-space could have been used more efficiently.

Sex Butter has a sticker on the front of it, stating the brand name. If you value discretion this sticker can be easily removed—getting rid of any distinguishing features that might arouse suspicion about the content.

Inside, Sex Butter comes in a hardened state but is much like lip balm. As soon as you take a bit and rub it through your fingers it softens and becomes a glossy oil ready for use. This oil can be easily spread upon the skin and provides a thick enough layer to allow for comfortable toy sessions. It’s smooth but not necessarily silky, meaning it can feel quite natural on the skin.

Sex Butter also has a wonderful smell to it. I describe it as similar to mint chocolate (Aeros); it’s a sweet, minty scent.

This minty smell translates as soon as you taste it and is followed by a smooth, buttery aftertaste. Thankfully it doesn’t line your mouth with an oily layer as much as Yes Vanilla does, which is a plus. Because of this I’d say Sex Butter could be used for oral sex, but only if you like minty flavours.

However, what’s really great about Sex Butter is the sensations it provides.

When I first places some Sex Butter on my vulva and felt tingling sensations I was a little bit concerned. My track record with sensation-causing lubes hasn’t been great—as, more often than not, they tend to burn and sting me rather than pleasure me. However, the ingredients that Sex Butter uses meant that I got to enjoy the sensations of Sex Butter without any stinging or irritation. Hallelujah! I can only assume this would be the same for other sensitive-skinned users.

The feeling that Sex Butter gave to me were a warm but refreshing tingly sensation which both aroused me and acted to enhance sexual stimulation. As someone who rarely gets to enjoy sexual enhancers this was highly desirable for me and instantly intensified my sexual experience. However, Sex Butter’s website is clear in highlighting that every woman experiences the sensations of Sex Butter differently, so this sensation could vary from person-to-person.

As Sex Butter can be used on the vulva & vagina or the penis I decided to test it on my partner and see what effect it had for him.

In his case he couldn’t feel the tingling sensation much at first but it built pleasantly over time. The glossy layer of Sex Butter also allowed him to enjoy me caressing areas that would typically be too sensitive for him to enjoy. This allowed him to experience new, desirable sensations, whilst also prolonging his experience (increasing the length of his erection as a result). Needless to say he quite enjoyed the feel of Sex Butter too.

There are, however, a few cons about Sex Butter that I feel the need to mention.

The most objective con is that (for safety reasons) Sex Butter should not be used with latex condoms. You’ll need to keep this in mind if you want to use this oil-based product.

Being oil-based you might also want to clean this lubricant off afterwards, which might not appeal to everyone.

Now onto the subjective points.

When it came to the scent of this oil my partner could not stand how Sex Butter smelt. He found it too sweet and it was actually a deterrent for him. In contrast I loved the flavour of Sex Butter. Personal preference strikes again. A good rule of thumb would be if you (or anyone who might be in contact with Sex Butter) dislike sweet minty scents then it’s might be wise to avoid Sex Butter or to only use it very sparingly—as it has quite a strong smell.

Personally I found that, while Sex Butter was a great vaginal moisturizer and sex enhancer, it didn’t provide too much additional lubrication. Sex Butter acts more as an enhancer and a good initial way to get your natural fluid flowing rather than being a lube primarily. Which is fine, but subsequently people who like to slather themselves in lubricant would be better off using a small amount of Sex Butter for sensation before adding a different lubricant for that ‘covered in lube’ sensation.

Overall, though, I really enjoyed this product.

Sex Butter is an all-natural, smooth, and sensual moisturizer and enhancer that can be used even by those with sensitive skin. I recommend it for anyone who wants to have a tingly sensation down under, but finds other sensation lubes to be too irritating, or (for that matter) anyone else who wants to have a good time with this jar of buttery goodness.

Recommend to:

People looking for a sensation heightening vaginal moisturizer.

People who are conscious about ingredients.

People with sensitive skin or low libido.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike strong smells (especially minty sweet ones).

People who depend on latex based condoms.

People who want to use a lot of lube.

Sex Butter can be purchased directly at its website here or, alternatively, UK readers can find Sex Butter over at Passiontime

  • Interesting. I use coconut oil as a lube and to massage my vulva and perineum, so I’m really curious about how this butter would work for my body. It just might make my vulval massage more fun!

    • emmelinepeaches

      The tingling sensations and smell are probably the major changes but this alone could make all the difference.