Toy Review: Bad Dragon’s Xenogon (Medium Size/Medium Firmness)

In honour of Bad Dragon launching their new Xenogon I thought I’d review my Original Xenogon.

The Xeonogon is presented as an alien-dragon hybrid dildo. However, because Bad Dragon’s toys have such a unique design, these toys are just as pleasurable to use if this doesn’t appeal to you. Texture and ease of use are the name of the game with the Xenogon. As a result of these traits the Xenogon is my personal favourite out of all the Bad Dragon toys that I own.

Let’s look at some details.

The Xenogon can be customized to meet your needs.

As with all Bad Dragon toys, the Xenogon can be highly customised in order to meet your personal needs. It comes in three sizes (small, medium, and large) and the firmness can be chosen too (between soft, medium, and firm). What’s more you can get your Xenogon with a suction cup—allowing for hands-free pleasure.

My Xenogon is medium in both size and firmness.

The silicone that Bad Dragon toys are made out of is smooth and has a matte appearance and texture to it. This feels really nice and, in medium firmness, the Xenogon is has a generous amount of squish to it. This makes the knot of this toy a bit more forgiving and soft, but allows it to remain a tantalizing challenge.

The gradual incline of girth makes this toy more manageable for beginners.

What’s nice about the Xenogon, though, is that (unlike some Bad Dragon toys) the shaft of this toy has a gradual increase in girth that allows you to naturally progress to the knot over time. The Xenogon warms you up as you go along and each thrust can bring you closer to achieving your goal thanks to this structure. This means that it’s a great beginner’s dildo for anyone who wants to try out a knotted Bad Dragon toy, but feels slightly intimidated by bigger, more pronounced knots.

This toy is textured from all angles.

If there’s another thing that the Xeongon really excels at its texture.

This toy has bumps, ridges, segments, indents, and ripples all the way down its shaft, to name use a few of its delectable textures. The narrow top and tip of the shaft have the most detail in terms of texture but, even as you ride your way down the shaft and to the knot, the bumps on either side of this toy still make all the difference.

The head and upper shaft of this toy have the most detail in terms of texture.

In the medium firmness you can still feel quite a lot of the texture, however if you want to use this toy anally (or just really, really appreciate texture) then I’d get this toy in the firm hardness for a more pronounced feel.

As well as feeling good vaginally, clitoris-owners might also appreciate this toy. The texture on the narrow tip and top part of the shaft, in particular, have a lot of detailed textures that can be lapped or rubbed across the clitoris for a generous amount of stimulation.

From personal use I really appreciate the textures of the Xenogon, especially on my clitoris. I also really appreciate it during penetration. Furthermore, in contrast to Elden, this toy has a more rounded tip—which means that I experience no discomfort during use and can just lay back and enjoy the ride.

All of that texture is great for rubbing against the clitoris.

Alas, when it came to the Elden I feel I should have gone a size up and when it comes to the Xenogon I think I would have been better off with the size down. Despite how easy this toy makes knotting its bulging knot is still a bit too big for me to comfortably conquer. However, I’m sure size queens would have no problems with this formidable beast.

Aside from being too girthy there are a few other downsides with the Xenogon which might be worth noting. The first is that, while the knot does provide a substantial challenge, the tip is (perhaps) a bit too thin in contrast. I appreciate the effort to ease people into this toy, but I think they could have started off a little thicker. Thankfully it looks like this has been addressed in the new Xenogon.

Because this toy is a matte-like silicone it also has a fair bit of drag, so a lot of water-based lube is required when playing with the Xenogon. Silicone-based lube could damage the toy so you’re better off not using it. But Bad Dragon does sell sample disks that you can buy and spot-check if you’re really craving the glide of silicone lube.

The draggy nature of the Xenogon leads me nicely onto the last downside with this toy.

The silicone Bad Dragon uses isn’t only draggy but also loves to grab dust, hairs, and lint like nobody’s business.

There have been times when I’ve cleaned this toy, moved it with the utmost care from one room to another, and, when I go to inspect it, it’s still somehow managed to pick up dust and hair. Thankfully this isn’t a problem with the toy as much as it is something to be wary of and to factor in.

This toy always needs to be washed before and after use as a result of its grime-grabbing abilities. But, then again, encouraging good toy hygiene isn’t a bad side-effect.

All in all the Xenogon is a great toy. I’m happy that I own it and I love how it feels—both inside of me and out.

Recommend to:

People who love texture.

Beginners to knotted toys (I recommend the small size).

People who prefer rounded tips on their toys.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike texture.

People who want a girthy toy.

People who dislike grabby silicone.

The original Xenogon can be found here and is available until the 10th  March 2014. If you liked what you read here then don’t miss out and grab yourself one today. Alternatively you can try the new Xenogon by clicking here.

  • This is one of the designs I favored when I first found Bad Dragon toys. I like the taper of it and the soft silicone offered makes the texture less scary. Your Xenogon is nice; the blue has a shimmery look to it so it’s not just another solid color.