Update: An Introduction to Kiiroo

Hello my lovely readers,

Today I’d like to bring to your attention an interesting new adult product that is worth giving some attention—Kiiroo.

Actually, it’s a bit unfair to describe Kiiroo as simply an ‘adult product’. Kiiroo is actually a social platform, facilitated by two intimate devices; the OPue (for use with the vagina) and the SVir (for use with the penis).

Inspired by the growing connectivity that modern technology provides the creators of Kiiroo looked at our ever-expanding online networks and saw further potential—potential for a real physical connection. With this in mind Kiiroo aims to launch a private social platform which allows people to connect physically using the OPue and SVir.

The SVir is a male masturbator that sends and receives data and uses it to control Kiiroo’s patented ring technology. This ring technology incorporates eight contracting rings which adjust and adapt to the movements of the OPue device—all in real time.

Meanwhile the OPue is a more conventional vibrator with a twist. While in use, this vibrator registers your every movement and transfers it to the Kiiroo platform, which then transfers these movements to the SVir.

While Kiiroo cannot replicate every aspect of skin-on-skin interaction, the implications of this technology is staggering. It would allow intimate, real-time connections to occur between people in long distance relationships, people who are interested in online intimacy, people who host live events, cam artists, and even people who just want to indulge in a personal fantasy.

In addition to this, Kiiroo promises that its platform will allow for a high degree of personalisation—enabling users to add comments, post blogs, and upload other content in a way that allows for a considerable amount of autonomy over how you personally choose to interact with Kiiroo.

Whether you want Kiiroo for a long-distance relationship or simply to make further connections online, this platform promises to be an interesting next-step in social media.

Kiiroo is currently in its pre-production phase and needs the support of those who are interested to help them bound forward to the next step. If Kiiroo appeals to you then hop over to their Indiegogo campaign. There you’ll be able to purchase the OPue and SVir devices at a discounted price, while also enabling Kiiroo to bring us to the next level of online intimacy.

As of this post Kiiroo has seven days left on their campaign. Don’t delay if you want to be part of this innovative social media project!

Until next time,

Emmeline Peaches.