A Love Letter to Lube: Yes Selection Pack

Along with Yes VanillaYes were kind enough to provide me with their Yes Selection Pack in exchange for an honest review and I’m glad they did. The Yes Selection Pack is the product that won a Top Award as the Best Organic Bodycare product in the Natural and Organics Awards of 2011 and I can see why.

The Yes Selection Pack is a great way to get a feel for the Yes range of Lubricants.

This selection pack is a fantastic way to gain an idea of whether or not Yes is the brand for you. It contains six products—a 25ml bottle of Yes oil-based, a 25ml bottle of Yes water-based, a sachet of the oil and water-based lube, and two applicators containing 5ml of Yes water-based. You can use these lubricants individually or combine the two (for what Yes calls the “Double Glideability” effect).

Regardless of how you choose to use these lubes, both the oil-based and water-based have the same fantastic benefits that I covered in my Yes Vanilla review.

Yes products have safety, high-quality, and an all-natural approach at their core. As such neither of these lubes contain known mucosal irritants and both are PH balanced. Both are Certified Organic by the Soil Association (with Yes water-based being 96.03% organic and Yes oil-based being 99.8% organic) and are approved for vegetarians by the Vegetarian Society. They also both have the Cruelty Free logo and have never been tested on animals. All of this leads to a lube that is quite appealing from an ethical standpoint, as well as one that clearly strives for body-safety.

When looking at Yes lubricants it’s also hard not to make a comparison between it and Sylk—as both Yes and Sylk are recommended for use with dilators for overcoming vaginismus. Yes brought this to my attention and made the following similarities and differences clear:

Sylk contains Vegetable Glycerine whereas Yes does not (due to its potential to be a mucosal irritant). Yes is organic, marketed firmly as a lubricant (as well as a vaginal moisturiser), and contains flax extract and Aloe Vera for soothing purposes. Both are PH balanced. However, Yes has both water-based and oil-based products and comes in a variety of sizes (as this selection pack demonstrates), whereas Sylk is purely water-based and comes in one size (40g).

In my opinion both are completely viable options for someone who suffers from vaginismus.

If you know you have a problem with glycerine then Yes might work better for you but, other than that, both have pros and cons but are ultimately a fantastic lube (so it’s a case of personal preference).

Now, let’s look at the Yes Selection Pack in more detail.

The Yes Selection Pack comes with a pleasant little pouch.

Like I said, the Yes Selection Pack contains a variety of different dispensers and measurements, all packed up in a lovely little gift bag. This is a nice little way to present the toys but the sharp edges of the sachets and applicators do scratch against the bag’s material a bit.

Both of the 25ml bottles are completely discreet—with just ‘Yes’ on the front and ‘Yes oil-based’ and ‘Yes water-based’ on them to give any idea of that they might be. Because of this it’s easy enough to leave these lubes on the side without others knowing the content. The sachets and applicators are less inconspicuous—as both make references to being an ‘intimate lubricant’. However, considering the sachets and applicators are intended as one-use items, I can’t see this being a big deal.

All of the containers are well-made and easy to use.

All of these items are easy to use. The applicators, in particular, are nicely shaped and unassuming enough that they should be comfortable to use for most people.

Because the lubricants in the Yes Selection Pack can be used individually or together I’m going to address each of them in this way—looking at the individual pros and cons of each of the lubes before addressing the use of both of them together.

Yes oil-based

Yes oil-based is relatively scentless, has a very slight buttery taste, and has yet to stain anything I own. As with Yes Vanilla, Yes oil-based comes out of the bottle as a thick cream and becomes a smooth liquid when rubbed across the skin.

When on the skin it feels akin to luxury massage oil (but with a bit more thickness) and creates a nice buffer for sex toys. During vaginal penetration Yes oil-based provides a smooth slide to it that allows for friction-free penetration, without sacrificing any sensation or pleasure. I personally theorize that this is because the texture of the oil provides a nice amount of grip, which allows you to be fully aware of sensation, while still managing to alleviate friction.

Because it’s oil-based, this lubricant lasts for a very long time and rarely needs re-applying. This is a great bonus for long play sessions.

The major downside of this lubricant is that it’s not latex-friendly, so cannot be used with latex condoms. It can, however, be used with most sex toys (including silicone ones).

Yes oil-based can be left on the skin to dry (and will continue to feel like a luxury massage oil as it does) but, if you do want to clean it off, it requires a reasonable amount of soap and water. This might be a deterrent for people who would rather not deal with post-sex clean-up.

On top of this, the texture of this lubricant might not be for everyone. People who prefer their lubricant to have more of a slippery slide might find it hard to adjust to the sensations that this lube provides.

However, I find this lubricant to provide a very enjoyable experience and, now that I’ve tried it, I’ll be using it much more in the future.

Yes oil-based contains Cocoa butter, Shea butter, sweet almond oil, sunflower oil, white organic bees wax, and Vitamin E.

The difference in consistency between the two (out of bottle).

Yes water-based

Yes water-based is relatively scentless and doesn’t stain. However, it does have a rather unpleasant taste to it. This taste is similar to the one that I tasted in Give Pleasure’s Premium Aqua Gel (but less powerful), so I believe it might be the Aloe Vera that I can taste. Either way this taste is unpleasant and, because of this reason, I wouldn’t recommend this lube for oral use.

Regardless, Yes water-based delivers quality where it counts. This lubricant has a wonderfully hydrating feeling to it and I found that it left my vulva feeling refreshed and moisturised. It comes out of the bottle in goopy clumps, which spread out readily on skin and get to work straight away—providing slide and a reasonable buffer against toys, due to its gel-like thickness.

Bottles Together (2) - Copy
Yes water-based invigorates and hydrates the skin.

Because this lubricant it water-based it does eventually dry up, so I did find myself reapplying it after a long session with my Palmpower, but it does tend to do the job for shorter sessions (and reapplying it is no trouble anyway).

In contrast to Yes oil-based, Yes water-based gave a refreshing slide during intercourse that was slippery instead of silky. Sadly this didn’t feel as intense, at least not for me. Because of that I’d probably be more inclined to use Yes oil-based, but that doesn’t discredit the advantages of Yes water-based at all.

After use Yes water-based will dry up (so you don’t necessarily need to clean it off) and leaves skin feeling reinvigorated and rehydrated. It’s quite a refreshing feeling.

Yes water-based can also be used with latex condoms, all sex toys, and is available in applicators (while Yes oil-based is not).

Out of the two I would probably recommend Yes water-based more for people who suffer with vaginismus—as this lubricant has a much more comforting and realistic feeling to it, in contrast to the silky-thick texture of Yes oil-based­.

Yes water-based­ contains Aloe Vera, Flax extract, and three plant based gums—Guar, Locust Bean, and Xanathan. It also contains food and cosmetic quality preservatives and citric acid (which helps the PH balance).


Yes recommends that in order to best combine these two lubricants the oil-based lube should be applied first, followed by the water-based lube. This is meant to create a durable layer of oil which is then complimented with the slipperiness of the water-based lube (which lasts longer, due to the base layer of oil).

This is an accurate description of what happened for me, however I also found that the two lubricants merged together somewhat, providing the best of both worlds in terms of sensation. I found that I still got the sensation-enhancing grip that the oil-based lube provided, but it came with the slide and hydrating sensation of the oil.

The two also merged together to provide a whole new texture—which was like a thinner, more invigorating version of the silky smooth oil-based lube.

I really enjoyed this during foreplay and intercourse.

However, as bad as this might sound, I think I prefer Yes oil-based lube on its own, rather than as part of this combination. There’s just something about the luxurious slather of thick oil on my intimate parts that I just love, even if it’s not as slippery as a water/oil combo.

The downsides of this combo are the same downsides that come with Yes oil-based. It’s not latex friendly and will need to be washed off with soap and water if you can’t tolerate it naturally fading on your skin. These are two things to keep in mind before engaging in this water/oil combo.

And, again, I did find that I needed to reapply the water-based lube when using my Palmpower, so it may not provide long-term slide when using some toys.

Regardless, combining these two lubes still makes for a unique experience that I would definitely recommend to those who are curious about either of these lubes.

Final Thoughts

When I tried Yes Vanilla I was already convinced that Yes lubricants were top notch. However the Yes Selection Pack has solidified this view for me. I am in love with Yes oil-based and found Yes water-based to be an invigorating, thick lubricant that does the job just fine. Together the two make for an interesting combination that brings out the best in both lubes but does, to my mind, slightly take away some of the highlights of Yes oil-based.

Despite this I think that the Yes Selection Pack is a fantastic way to try out these lubricants yourself and form your own opinions. At £9.99 per pack, the Yes Selection Pack is a great way to dabble with and try your own hand at exploring “Double Glideability”.


Recommend to:

People exploring new lubes.

People who value ingredients.

People who like thick lubricants.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who prefer thin lubes.

People who rely on latex condoms.

People who dislike post-sex clean-up.