Toy Review: Shots Toys Diamond Power Bullet

I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of bullet vibrators.

Call me a grump but I tend to find that bullet vibes are too fiddly and too weak to satisfy my need for power and depth of vibrations. I’ve also yet to try We-Vibe’s range of, supposedly, power-house bullets, so in general I tend to keep my expectations low when I’m given a bullet vibe to review.

That being said, in terms of bullet vibes, the Diamond Power Bullet isn’t bad and was actually quite pleasurable to use.

The Diamond Power Bullet is a pretty little bullet with complimentary faux-diamonds attached.

The Diamond Power Bullet vibrator is a small black bullet (about 8.3cm) with a narrow tip intended to provide pinpoint vibrations. Because of this its primary use would be for clitoral stimulation. However it can also be used on nipples, the labia, and the head, glans, and coronal ridge of the penis with enjoyable results.

That being said, because the tip of this toy is so precise I have found that it yields the most pleasure when being used on or around the clitoris.

This bullet is phthalate-free and is made out of ABS plastic, which is velvety smooth to the touch. Stroking this vibe (and having it stroke you) is a sensual delight, due to this silky finish. This bullet also has six little fake diamonds near the top of it, mainly for aesthetic appeal.

The Diamond Power Bullet is also completely water-proof, which will appeal to you if you want to take this toy into the bath or shower. Just make sure that the toy’s screw-top is on good and tight when doing so.

Shots Toys are kind enough to supply this toy with batteries, so you can play with it as soon as you take it out of its packaging.

The Diamond Power Bullet has 10 different vibration settings—the first three being constant vibrations with an increase of speed, and the rest being various patterns. Personally I’m not a big fan of patterns (choosing, instead, to stick to the constant vibrations), but if you appreciate patterns then you get a fair bit of variety with this toy.

When it comes to the Diamond Power Bullet’s vibrations I was actually caught a bit off guard.

I had expected this bullet to provide the same shallow, buzzy vibrations that you find in most standard bullet vibes. However, when I turned it on I found that the first setting (while weak) had a deep vibrations to it that can almost be described as rumbly.

Rumbly? From a bullet vibe? I had my doubts.

However when I placed this bullet on my clit I could confirm that these vibrations in fact do have a bit of a rumble to them. It’s not much, and it gets obscured a bit as you turn up the power (at which point this bullet gets quite buzzy) but it’s enough of a rumble to set this bullet vibe apart from similar bullet vibes. The best way to describe it is a rapid (but gentle) shallow rumble that works in the background, while the buzzier vibrations take centre stage.

Strength-wise I wouldn’t say that this bullet is the most powerful one of its kind, however because it has a bit of a rumble to it the vibrations of this bullet have a substantial impact, where stronger-but-buzzier bullets might fail.

I firmly consider myself a power queen but I could get off with this bullet vibe if I wanted too, thanks to a combo of the bullets rumble-buzz combo, the smoothness of the texture, and the highly pin-point tip of this toy.

This toy is also easy to clean due to being waterproof and mostly smooth (though the faux-diamonds do make it a tad more irksome).

Of course this toy does have some disadvantages.

While I can get off with this toy, it wouldn’t be my go-to choice because, as a power queen, I tend to crave stronger vibrations, and I feel this would be the case for anyone who likes stronger vibes.

Also, although this bullet does have a residue rumble to it on the higher settings, it can get very buzzy very quickly—so people who dislike buzzy vibrations may not appreciate this bullet too much. It’s also pin-pointed to a tea, so don’t expect the vibrations of this toy to disseminate widely across your genitals, or deeper into your body.

In addition to this, the Diamond Power Bullet falls victim of the same downsides that most bullet vibes do. It’s rather small and can be hard to keep hold of once you’ve applied lubricant. There’s only one button (on the top of this toy) so if you accidentally press pass the setting you wanted then you have to turn the vibe off and then filter through the settings again to get back where you were. And, as with most bullets, turning this toy off can be a bit frustrating.

While it should be a simple case of ‘hold for a few seconds’ this vibe can sometimes stay on in an attempt to get revenge by pushing your buttons for once. Thankfully the Diamond Power Bullet was nowhere near as bad for this as most Rocks-Off bullets, so I’ll forgive it this flaw.

Overall the Diamond Power Bullet is an impressive toy for what it is. This toy won’t compete with a fully-fledged vibe, or even some of the more expensive bullets out there. However, its silky-smooth, waterproof form, coupled with an interesting range of vibrations means that it does manage to stand out amidst a sea of standard bullets to deliver a notable performance—proving to be somewhat of a diamond in the rough.

Recommend to:

People who like bullet vibes.

People who want more than standard bullet vibrations.

People who want a waterproof bullet.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike buzzy vibrations.

People who prefer deep vibrations.

Power Queens.

The Diamond Power Bullet was provided to me free from Shots Media in exchange for an honest review. 

  • Aww, I think it’s cute. I want to collect all of the attractive bullet vibrators, but I know I won’t use them *laughs*

    • emmelinepeaches

      Yeah bullet vibes can be incredibly cute but I’m never going to naturally grab for one during a play session.