A Love Letter to Lube: überlube

On its website überlube claims to be ‘the Champagne of silicone lubricants’ and it’s really hard to disagree with this. Überlube were kind enough to provide me with a generous sample of their lubricant and I can hardly fault it. It’s the classiest silicone lube I’ve used by far (in terms of packaging) and provides a really enjoyable experience all around.

Before I get carried away let’s look at this lube in more depth.

When it comes to presentation, überlube excels.

Überlube is a high-quality silicone lubricant made in Chicago with care. There are only four ingredients; three of which are silicone (Dimethicone, Dimethiconal, and Cyclomethicone) and the fourth being a pinch of Vitamin E for texture and finish. These ingredients are meant to be inert and should not harm or affect the body’s natural PH-levels. As it stands A Woman’s Touch places überlube’s PH at 4.6 (in comparison to a pre-menopausal vagina’s PH being 4.5-5.5).

The purity of überlube’s ingredients really shows—as this lube is completely clear and crisp to the eye. This purity also means that überlube should be suitable for people with sensitive skin and is recommended by Doctor’s.

Typically I don’t like talking about packaging and bottles, but with lubricant it seems to matter.

The first thing I should say is that my sample of überlube arrived in the most conspicuous packaging possible. Nowadays I had assumed it was standard for companies dealing in adult products to employ discreet packaging. NOPE. The packaging for my samples had ‘überlube’ pasted clearly on the side of the box—leaving no doubt as to the contents.

I never thought I’d have a parcel with ‘überlube’ plastered on the side of it be handed to me.

Überlube have made a fantastic product, so I can’t really blame them for wanting to declare it to the world, but people who live with others, or simply value discretion may find this to be a rather large deterrent.

When it comes to the actual bottles, though, überlube have delivered an elegant line to choose from.

Überlube 100ml and 50ml come in a wonderfully sophisticated glass bottle which looks more like a perfume or cologne bottle than a bottle of lube. These bottles are made of borosilicate glass (the same type of glass used by Pyrex and A Touch of Glass) so they’re sturdy and can take a fall quite well. Not that I’m suggesting that you chuck your lube about.

These bottles come with a leak-proof, pump-action top, which allows for the lubricant to be easily dispensed without any hassle or mess. The only downside with these bottles is they don’t have a cap, so they’re not particularly travel friendly. Oh, and they have ‘überlube’ on the front of them.

Thankfully überlube has you covered for both travelling and discretion.

Überlube’s Good to Go packs contain a 15ml glass vial of überlube and come with a aluminum case. This plastic case is completely discreet (with only a ‘ü’ on the top of the lid as branding) and protects your lube, stopping it from causing a mess. It comes with the same pump-action top and is just as elegant. Überlube also does replacement bottles for this plastic container, called Überlube On the Go.

überlube comes in travel-friendly sachets too.

Failing that überlube also does sachets of lube, which contain 3ml each. These sachets are nicely sized but not particularly discreet—having ‘überlube’ clearly on the front of them. 3ml may not seem like a lot of lube but, as überlube like to say, a little goes a long way.

Überlube claims to be scentless, tasteless and non-staining and it’s accurate in all these claims. I can’t smell any real scent from this lube, nor discern a taste, and this lube has yet to stain anything of mine. All of this means that überlube could be used during oral (without any unpleasant side-effects) but you might be better off picking a flavoured lube for this task. Regardless, this diversity is worth noting.

Texture-wise this lubricant is faultless. Rubbing überlube into my skin I get a powder-like silky smoothness that is to die for (and, again, turns my skin into the surface of a luxury vibe). This feeling is persistent, lasting long after application.

This lube has a rather thin consistency. It’s not as thin as Silicone+, but is still a long way away from being gel-like. It does provide a buffer to toys, but (depending on how much pressure you apply) this buffer may not be enough for some users. The consistency of this lube allows it to spread across skin really easily—practically stroking the skin that it is spread across. It’s no wonder überlube is also used by athletes as an anti-chafe solution!

During intercourse I found überlube to be very pleasurable. As with Silicone+, überlube provided a silky glide which made intercourse smooth and near-effortless. All friction was alleviated, but without desensitising intercourse or decreasing pleasure. I wouldn’t say that it enhanced my experience more than other silicone lubes, but I definitely appreciated the lustrous smoothness that it provided.

Because überlube is a silicone lube it also lasts a very long time, and didn’t need any re-application during the tests me and my partner did.

Überlube is very nice in that, after you’re done, it tends to dissipate into the skin, leaving your skin silky smooth. This means you don’t necessarily have to clean up afterwards, but (if you’d rather do so) you’ll need a lot of water and soap to wash it out. Überlube is persistent in terms of staying on the skin, so a thorough wash is needed to get it off, although this isn’t necessarily a downside.

This staying factor means that überlube is great for prolonged play sessions, be it solo play or couples play, with the use of toys, or just skin-on-skin. Überlube knows how to please and stays put to finish the job off.

Nevertheless, there are a few things to be aware of when using überlube.

The first one is the same for all silicone based lubes, which is that they can’t be used with silicone toys. Most of my go-to luxury vibrators involve silicone in some manner, so I basically have to opt out of strong vibrations when I reach for some überlube. But this is a gripe with all silicone lubes, not just überlube, so it’s more something to keep in mind rather than a deal-breaker (I really need to get my hands on an Eroscillator).

My only other issue is with überlube’s very strong caution to ‘start with a little’ when it came to this lube. When I was provided with überlube to test I was warned that I should use just a teeny tiny bit at a time as “Even experienced silicone users need to be told one drop of überlube at a time”. But using one drop did very little for me, and I needed at least five drops in order to alleviate the friction of sex.

Now this could be entirely down to the fact that I’m a post-vaginismus sufferer, so I tend to appreciate a lot of lube. But I do wonder if one drop would really satisfy most people. Either way this can be easily remedied by starting with a single drop and then adjusting as is necessary. Überlube doesn’t say you can’t use more of this lube, just that you should start with the minimum, which isn’t bad advice.

Really there isn’t much I can fault this lube on. Überlube is a fantastic, high-grade, silicone lubricant, which brings a new level of sophistication to silicone lubes. From my experiences I feel confident in saying that it truly is the Champagne of silicone lubricants.

Recommend to:

People looking for a high-quality lube.

People who care about ingredients.

People who want a silky smooth glide to their sexual activities.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who don’t like rigorous post-sex clean up sessions.

People who like thick lubricants.

People who value discretion (Re. delivery). (See Edit.)


Since doing this review überlube has got in touch with me and givne me some more details.

Apparently in most cases überlube comes in a plain box without the ‘überlube‘ logo on the side. Subsequently people can purchase überlube without worrying about others knowing what it is.

While you shouldn’t use überlube with silicone toys people have contacted überlube saying that there silicone toys have no negative reaction when in contact with überlube. Some store owners have even put überlube on toys for a prolonged period of time with no adverse effect.

I personally wouldn’t recommend using silicone lube with silicone toys regardless. But, if you do want to give it a try, then make sure you do a spot check on your toy before experimenting with überlube further.