A Love Letter to Lube: Yes Vanilla

This is a strange turn of events.

For all the flavoured lubricant’s I’ve reviewed so far my general consensus has been “It’s good for oral use but I wouldn’t use it for much more”. However, with Yes Vanilla I find myself doing a full 180 and saying “It’s great for vaginal penetration and foreplay but I wouldn’t use it for oral sex”.

Before I go into why this is let’s talk about the specs.

Yes Vanilla is roughly £10.49 for a 75ml bottle.

The first thing you’re probably thinking is “No! Don’t stick oil-based anything up your va-jay-jay!”, however, the oil-based lubricants provided by Yes are a welcome exception to this rule.

According to Yes, because this lubricant doesn’t contain synthetic oils (such as Vaseline of petrolatum) and instead favours plant based oils and butters, this lubricant is harmlessly absorbed into the skin after use. This means that Yes oil-based lubricants are safe to use without fear of a yeast infection (or other nasty side effects).  Yes even comes with a barrage of professional recommendations; promoting it as a safe, natural, and high quality product.

Safe, natural, and high quality are all great ways to describe Yes Vanilla. This lube contains rich, natural ingredients that wouldn’t sound out of place in the kitchen—such as sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, vanilla extract and shea butter. Just looking at these ingredients makes me feel like I’m about to make a very delicious treat for myself (but, thankfully, Yes have already provided me with one in lube-form).

Because of the all-natural ingredients used, Yes Vanilla is approved as safe for vegetarians by the Vegetarian Society (but not Vegans, as it contains bees wax). On top of this Yes Vanilla is certified Organic. This means that, by using Yes Vanilla, you can be confident that you are endorsing responsible behaviours in regards to human health, animal welfare, wildlife, and the environment. Speaking of animals Yes packaging also dons the Cruelty Free logo proudly. If you’re curious about what this means then you can check out their site here.

Yes organic lubricants are a great choice of lube for the environmentally aware.

All of this means that Yes Vanilla is a perfect product for anyone who is environmentally aware, cautious about ingredients, or would like a vegetarian lube. All of this hard work to provide a natural and safe lubricant has earned Yes a lot of praise and awards, including the award for Best Organic Body Product by The Natural and Organic Awards in 2011, among others.

With all of these fantastic benefits I was excited to try my sample of Yes Vanilla, which was provided to me directly from Yes in exchange for an honest review.

Yes Vanilla is a delightful lube in a discreet bottle.

The first thing that I noticed about Yes Vanilla when I took it out of its box was that Yes Vanilla is a truly discreet lubricant. This is often said about lubricant, but I feel Yes Vanilla is one of the rare lubricants that actually deserve this praise. All it says on the front of the bottle is “Yes Vanilla” and even on the back of the bottle it is simply described as “Yes oil-based vanilla”. Because of this no one would be any the wiser if you left this lubricant out, and would probably just assume that it’s a fancy cosmetic product.

When first pouring out Yes Vanilla the lubricant looks less like a lube and more like instead a thick cream, with an oily texture to it. One of the big benefits of this is that you don’t have to worry about the lubricant accidentally pouring out of the bottle—you control the flow. After a few moments of rubbing it between your fingers Yes Vanilla turns into a smooth layer of lube that has a very distinct feel to it. It’s not necessarily slippery in consistency (like water-based lubes), or silky (like silicone lubes), I’d best describe it as smooth and moist, but with a touch of texture that adds to the feel of it.

Yes Vanilla comes out hard but softens with skin contact.

Slathering this lubricant on my intimate parts felt delightful—like I was treating my vulva to a spa day, complete with a luxurious massage. Yes Vanilla keeps an oily smooth texture when applied to intimate areas, and provides a nice layer of lubricant that can act as a buffer for hard sex toys.

While it may sound cliché, Yes Vanilla truly felt like it provided a very natural experience when it came to sex.

During vaginal penetration Yes Vanilla can be very pleasurable—providing the necessary amount of lubrication without compromising on sensation at all. In fact I was even more aware of my partners motions when using Yes Vanilla, but not in an unpleasant way, or a way that might provide friction. Instead I got to enjoy the ride while Yes Vanilla exceeded my expectations.

Because of how thick and long-lasting Yes Vanilla can be, I would think that it would be safe for use during anal sex. However, seeing as I have yet to venture into anal play I wouldn’t want to comment.

When it comes to smell, Yes Vanilla lives up to its name and as soon as you slather it across your fingers you can smell the vanilla. It’s not sweet, or overpowering. Instead it provides a delightful fragrance that can be enjoyed throughout.

Because this lubricant is oil-based it lasts a very long time and I’ve yet to need to reapply during a play session. It can also be left on the skin afterwards and allowed to moisturise and nourish your skin. However, if you do want to clean it off you’ll need to wash it with soap and water—as the oil is quite persistent when it comes to staying on the skin.

This is one of a few disadvantages I’ve found with Yes Vanilla.

In addition to being a bit hard to clean off, Yes Vanilla is very much an oil-based product. So if you don’t like the texture or consistency of massage oils then, chances are, you won’t like this lubricant.

Like all oil-based lubricants, Yes Vanilla also damages latex condoms, so you’ll need to keep this in mind when using this lube and invest in some non-latex condoms.

While Yes Vanilla provides a nice buffer to hard sex toys, it struggles when it comes to the drag of silicone toys. Subsequently, toys with a lot of drag aren’t really comfortable to use with Yes Vanilla.

However, all of these points are relatively minor cons (or just things to consider). My major problem with Yes Vanilla was that it doesn’t work well for me as a flavoured lubricant.

The taste of Yes Vanilla is very pleasant—it’s a delightful mixture of buttery vanilla with a slight aftertaste of cocoa and bees wax. It’s delicate, unobtrusive, and not at all sugary. All of this makes Yes Vanilla sound like a fantastic lube for oral sex. Sadly having Yes Vanilla in your mouth is akin to coating your mouth and lips with a lining of oil, which is not a nice sensation at all. It reminded me of having a bad meal—where your mouth is covered with an unwanted lining of grease afterwards—and I really couldn’t get any pleasure out of using it for oral sex.

Not only did it leave my mouth coated with oil, but it also left my face coated with it as well. I pay enough for face masks to stop my face from being too oily, I don’t want to be putting oil back on it!

Because of this I can’t personally recommend Yes Vanilla as a flavoured lube. But, if you want a subtle, non-sweet, natural lube for oral, and the prospect of an oily mouth doesn’t deter you then this lubricant might just be for you. My partner tried it and had no issue whatsoever with the oily coating in his mouth (which he considered to dissipate quickly enough) so it’s personal preference to a degree.

Like I said, the flavour was very enjoyable, it was just the consistency of the lube that I couldn’t stomach.

While I can’t recommend Yes Vanilla as an oral lubricant I can whole-heartedly endorse it as a scented lubricant. Yes Vanilla is body-safe, natural, environmentally conscious, skin-friendly, smooth, and smells delicious. I’ll definitely be using it a lot more in the future. Just not, perhaps, as it was primarily intended.

Recommend to:

People looking for a gently-scented lubricant.

People who crave heightened sensitivity.

People who care about ingredients, etc.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike massage oils.

People who only ever use latex condoms.

People who dislike oil coatings in their mouth.

  • Hmm. I use coconut oil as lube fairly often, so I imagine this would be similar to that.

    • emmelinepeaches

      I haven’t used coconut oil as lube, so I couldn’t comment on this, but I do really enjoy using Yes Vanilla.