Affiliates, Recommended Companies, etc.

There are a lot of good companies out there and some of them definitely deserve a mention. Here are a few of my favourites and a little information about them.

Emmeline’s Sponsors:

Do you want to go on a luxury adult cruise? I sure as hell do. And thankfully for both of us Desire offers this service. Desire specializes in the best adult cruises that money can offer. Their expertise is adult-centric, couples-oriented, clothing-optional excursions and right now they’re offering 50% off published prices on their charter to the Adriatic Sea from 26th September to 3rd October 2017. To take advantage, book now using the code UKDISC. Allow me to live vicariously through you.

JouJou are one of the largest and most popular online adult retailers in Australia, and for good reason too! JouJou pride themselves on providing a huge selection of exciting, specially selected, and highly affordable sex toys. And if you find a toy on their site that’s cheaper elsewhere JouJou will actually beat that price by 5% How insanely amazing is that!? In addition to this JouJou offers a 30 day hassle-free return policy and free immediate shipping Australia-wide when making orders over $200. I kind of wish I lived in Australia now.


Meo is a German special mail-order business for men. With the slogan ‘Makes you come’, Meo have been at he heart of the European sex toy market since 1997, providing pleasure products to discerning buyers all over the continent and beyond. Meo values discretion, quality, and professionalism. With fast, affordable worldwide shipping and a large array of products there’s a lot to love about Meo.

Motsu Toys is one of the leading European retailer of Japanese Sex Toys available. So much so that they have recently decided to strike out in to the English-speaking market and spread the love for these products even further. As a closet weeabo, the product range that Motsu Toys offers me is pretty damned exciting, but their professionalism is even more appealing. Communication with Motsu Toys is prompt, delivery discreet, and every service available is swiftly executed. When it comes to fulfilling your dreams of feeling a little bit of Japanese adult culture look no further than Motsu Toys.


Mimi De Luxe specializes in premiere pleasure products and their collection of products is very impressive. Every item on Mimi De Luxe is body-safe, something which I’m very happy about. Mimi De Luxe also offers free shipping in the UK and Australia. As if that wasn’t awesome enough Mimi De Luxe also has an environmental policy, and aim to keep waste to a minimum. With an amazing selection of toys, a swift delivery service, and a focus on customer satisfaction you really can’t go wrong with Mimi De Luxe.


Shop Naughty have one core agenda: To inspire you to realize your deepest desires. To this end their shop stocks a wide array of products which are varied enough to cater to most people’s needs. Shop Naughty offers free UK delivery on all orders over £20.00. Daily worldwide shipping is also available. New users can sign up to their newsletter and receive 10% off of all orders too.

Tantric Top Massage offers a service that I have been curious about for ages, namely tantric massage (shocker that). Although massage parlors aren’t exactly my blog’s regular content, I was drawn in my Tantric Top’s blog and their way of presenting their employees. If you’re in London then why not give tantric massage a try yourself? Then maybe you can tell me how it feels. x


Operating primarily through a site that we all know and love, Amazon, Tracy’s Dog provides a diverse range of products from own brand items to luxurious designer brands. I’d be lying if I said that I approved of every item that Tracy’s Dog sells but that doesn’t diminish from the reliability of the company (which is always transparent with its sales). Not everything on Tracy’s Dog will be to your or my liking, but Tracy’s Dog has enough products that there almost certainly will be something for everyone. It’s worth checking through their range to see if you can find the right toy for you.

Zalo is all about beauty and love, but their aesthetics go beyond the reality of these emotions and transcend in to a beautiful fairy tale, as if a dream. Every Zalo toy is beautiful to the eye, and Zalo’s aim is to make them just as breath-taking during use. Although new to the US market, Zalo has been creating their artful products for years–inspired by Lolita and Parisian culture. I adore their entire selection.

Emmeline’s Affiliates:


I love the CrashPadSeries so much that it’s almost too hard to describe so here are some words that I associate with it’s greatness. Queer porn. Feminist porn. Squirting. Fisting. Body-safe toys. Diverse performers. Jiz Lee. If any of that appeals to you then check out the CrashPadSeries. They’ve got it all and more. With three different memberships types you can be sure they’ve got something that will suit your needs.


How could I have a list of sex toy companies to recommend without Lelo? Lelo are responsible for my all time favourite wand vibrator, they’ve gained a cult following with the Lelo Mona 2 and they consistently bring out new and exciting products. If you’re looking for a luxury vibe consider looking at Lelo’s products.


Lovehoney knows what they’re doing, and they’re damn good at it. Featured in Channel 4’s More Sex Please, We’re British, Lovehoney has won multiple XBIZ Adult Industry Awards (among others) demonstrating their success. Put simply, these people really care. There’s a wide variety of toys online,  Lovehoney ships orders promptly and they arrive promptly. If anything is wrong then they will accept returns on items up to a year after purchase. That’s pretty awesome, and I’ve never been let down by Lovehoney’s excellent services.


Let it be known that PeepShowToys has one of the most beautifully curated and ultimately desirable selection of adult products that I have ever seen amalgamated in to a single adult site. I should know; I curated one of their collections.

Ego-stroking aside, PeepShowToys is a truly extraordinary retailer, seeking to break the stigma and shame around sex and striving to be the forerunners of a new sexual revolution. Join them by getting 10% off of your purchase with the exclusive code PEACHES.

Simply Pleasure provides high-quality, luxury toys at an affordable price, and their sales always put a smile on my face. Simply Pleasure ships their items quickly and they arrive in discreet, safe packaging (with a 10% discount for your next order). When I’ve had faulty items in the past they haven’t hesitated to offer me an exchange and are a delight to communicate with. A top notch store that can also be found on the high streets.


Tantus values honesty, respect, and passion. They want everyone to be able to have a healthy, safe, and exciting sex life. To that end, Tantus makes some of the most highly praised toys on the market. They use platinum based silicone in their toys, which is medical-grade and top of the line. You can always feel safe when you have a Tantus in hand.

Emmeline Recommends:


A while ago I had the pleasure of reviewing Ardor, an adult card game made for couples with the goal of opening up a sexual conversation. Since then I’ve played Ardor multiple times and I’ve never had a dull game. Even with established couples Ardor can add an element of fun to a sex session and will allow you to explore different experiences. With a rules system that treats you like the adults you are and a lineup of enticing dares and foreplay cards It’s definitely the best adult game I’ve played.

Bad Dragon

Bad Dragon is on a mission; a mission to make fantasies into reality. With that in mind they provide a wide variety of toys based off of mythical creatures and animals. In addition to appealing to the furry and otherkin markets, these toys have enough texture, diversity, and overall high-quality to leave most people impressed.

On top of this Bad Dragon allows you to customise your toy–giving you size and colour options, as well as some fun add ons (such as a cum tube). Add to the fact that they use high-grade, body-safe silicone and you’ve got yourself a winner. Their toys are stunning and their ambitions are admirable. Everyone needs a little fantasy in their life every now and then!

Belle De Soir was designed to provide a like-minded and open forum in which women could review and purchase sex toys. With sex becoming a topic we’re all more comfortable with discussing, Belle De Soir wants to help women embrace their sexuality through their informative and well-stocked website.

While Belle De Soir has a distinctly women-centric vibe, their products are good for any gender. Belle De Soir stocks a lot of luxury and body-safe products and provides free shipping on orders over £40. They also price match and engage in charity work.


Creators of colourful cocks, BS Atelier makes abstract and realistic dildos with a playful twist. Still, BS Atelier takes your pleasure very seriously. BS Atelier carefully study the aesthetics and ergonomic qualities of every design they create. Each product is then handmade using traditional techniques. With such dedication and fine craftsmanship you can feel secure when buying a BS Atelier product.


Home to the interchangeable pony butt plugs, Crystal Delights is a toy manufacturer with a difference. Originally based in the digital world of Second Life, Crystal Delights made the IRL shift back in 2010 and they’ve been making wonderful works of art ever since. Each Crystal Delight is made out of boroscillicate glass. Some of them include Swarovski crystals. Some of them include a donation to cancer charities. All of them are stunning.

desires of the id logo

I have been doing reviews for Desires of the I.D. for a fair time now and all I can say is that they are truly outstanding. The owner is an incredibly dedicated person who strongly believes in providing body-safe luxury products to its customers.

Every time I’ve received a parcel from Desires of the I.D. it’s always been immaculately packed (to the point where it could pass as gift wrapping). All of this aside Desire of the I.D.’s product selection is also very impressive. If you’re looking for a luxury product and you’re not sure where to shop give Desires of the I.D. a chance. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed by the service you’re provided with.


Are you a power queen? If so then I think you’re going to like Doxy. Doxy produce what is, without a doubt, the most powerful wand I’ve ever tried. The Doxy Wand Massager may have gentler settings but once you ramp it up to full there’s little chance of resisting its sheer force of might. Great for power queens and those who like forced orgasms, the Doxy not only matches the famous Hitachi wand vibrator, it surpasses it.


Want to electrocute yourself? Never tried electrocuting yourself before but are curious about the sensations? ElectraStim provide safe, reliable, and sexually-geared electro stimulation products which allow you to explore the broad spectrum of sensations that electricity has to offer. With ElectraStim’s products you’re in control and can deliver anything from a gentle tingling all the way up to a sharp jolt.


Fucking Sculptures are fucking fantastic and wholly fuckable. If you subscribe to the feeling that sex is an art form then this company has the dildos for you. If not then you’ll probably still be gushing over how amazing this company’s toys look. Fucking Sculptures makes their dildos out of soda-lime glass and each one is handmade. This means that not only is each Fucking Sculpture one of a kind but it should also last a lifetime.


Creators of the Stronic pulsators and Mr. Peaches’ go-to butt plug, the Bootie, Fun Factory create vibrant, quirky products that certainly have the potential to bring some fun to the bed room. Fun Factory allowed Emmeline Peaches Reviews a sneak peak into how their toys are made and a lot of it is done in-house with the help of a dedicated team. This dedication shows in the products and there’s a lot to like about Fun Factory.

Good Vibes

Good Vibrations has been around since 1977, so they have a pretty good idea about what they’re doing. Starting out as a retail store in San Francisco, Good Vibrations has worked hard to become one of the best sex toy companies available. With a high focus on making the world of sex toys accessible and non-threatening, Good Vibrations encourages a sex-positive outlook. They even have a great set of How To resources available on their website. There’s something on this site for everyone.


In addition to having an online store, Harmony also has some brick-and-mortar stores in London which are a sheer delight to visit. Their online selection is pretty impressive too and I know through firsthand experience that their customer services are exceptional. If you’re ever in London go and check out their wonderful stores, if not try the next best thing by shopping with them online.

holepunch logo

Hole Punch Toys are absolutely amazing. Want a rocket for your crotch? No problem. How about an icicle pop dildo? Easy. Oh and what about three different types of vegetable-inspired butt plug? Done deal. As well as loving the design and vibrancy of Hole Punch Toys I also really love the dedication of the owner, who really puts their heart and soul into their work. Put simply I love Hole Punch Toys and I think there might be something for you in their store too. Check ’em out!

lust cinema

Lust Cinema is another brilliant feminist porn site. Created by Erika Lust, Lust Cinema features well-shot, brilliantly directed, and wonderfully arousing pornographic content with good morals and dirty sex. Well worth a viewing.


Minna Life make some of my favourite adult products. Utilizing squeeze touch techonology Minna toys essentially allow you to customize your own vibrations in an incredibly intuitive way. Minna also created the kGoal, probably the best kegel exerciser I’ve ever used. If patterns appeal to you then Minna products are something you need to have a look at.

peaches--4 aim to please. Because of this they have a wide selection of toys avaliable on their site. Thanks to the discount code about you can also get 10% off of your purchases. are very active in the sex toy community and are always willing to engage with their customers. They also offer some fantastic brands, such as Minna and Tantus. I <3 indeed.


I’m a sensitive gal, because of that I often have troubles with lubricants, not with Sliquid. Made by women, for women, Sliquid is the best option for any person who wants a vegan, pH balanced, and well formulated lubricant. With many different options to chose from the chances are that Sliquid has something to appeal to you.


Another great lubricant brand (though one that isn’t as accessible for those with sensitive skin) Wicked Sensual Care has a wide variety of products designed to enhance sensations and nourish the skin. My go-to flavoured lubricant is Wicked Mocha Java. I love it so much, i’d buy it in bulk if I could afford it.

That’s all for now. I’m sure this list will grow as I gain more opportunities to deal with more amazing companies. But, for now, I hope you enjoyed gaining a idea of the companies that I rate highly.

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