A Love Letter to Lube: Lovehoney’s Flavoured Lubricant Line

I didn’t really give it away in my Give Pleasure Oral Pleasure Gel review but I’m a pretty big fan of flavoured lubricants as of late.

I really love the premise of flavoured lubes (as does my partner, I’m sure!) and I’m always excited when I find a new flavoured lube that I can endorse. With that in mind, as part of the A Love Letter to Lube series, I’m going to be looking at flavoured lubricants this week. Starting with Lovehoney’s line of Flavoured Lubes.

Lovehoney's flavoured lubricants are an affordable way to add flavour to your oral sex life.
Lovehoney’s flavoured lubricants are an affordable way to add flavour to your oral sex life.

The Lovehoney line of flavoured lubricants have some advantages and some disadvantages. But, thankfully, the advantages tend to outweigh the disadvantages, and this is coupled with a wide variety of flavours—meaning that at least one of these lubes should satisfy most people’s taste buds.

This line of lubricant is water-based (so it can be used with sex toys and condoms) and claims to be suitable for vaginal, anal, and oral sex. It’s paraben-free, glycerine-free, and is suitable for vegans. Being vegan-friendly is a real plus, and it’s nice that Lovehoney took this into consideration. However, I’m not too sure that this lubricant would be suitable for vaginal use, and I am fairly certain it’s not thick enough to be comfortably used for anal.

While the Lovehoney flavoured lubricant line comes out of the bottle with a gel-like consistency, when the lubricant is spread it actually becomes rather thin and absorbs into the skin fairly quickly. Personally I like a bit more thickness and staying power from my lubricant, so I don’t get a lot of pleasure from using this lubricant vaginally.

This lubricant is also slippery in a negative way. I once used it to put in some kegel balls (because I had nothing else to hand) and found that this lubricant made my normally very obedient balls into slippery escapees.

Add to this the fact that, when it dries on the skin, this lube becomes somewhat sticky, and almost clammy, and you have a product that I would recommend only for oral use.

But, to me, this is fine. This line is made primarily for oral sex, so as long as it can perform in this department then it’s doing well for itself. And, you’ll be happy to know, this lubricant does, indeed, work well during oral sex.

Because it’s not too goopy, this lubricant isn’t too much of a sticky mouthful. Because it’s slippery it provides enough of a slide to still remain enjoyable. And because it likes to absorb into the skin it leaves your skin smelling and tasting like this lube for a fair amount of time (more than enough time for a typical oral play session). I find that all these things combined mean that I don’t really have to reapply this lubricant a lot, if at all, during oral sex—which makes me a very happy bunny.

With the general outline of these lubes established, it’s really the taste that sets each flavour aside. So how does this line of lubes stand up to oral scrutiny?

Thankfully Lovehoney sells an Assorted Flavoured Lubricant Pack in which you get two sachets of some of their most popular flavours, so I purchased one of these for the review, in addition to buying a 100ml bottle of Lovehoney Mint Chocolate Flavoured Lubricant. The Lovehoney lubricant pack is £5.99 and comes with 10 x 5ml, which I found to be the perfect amount of lubricant for a session of oral sex. Meanwhile the 100ml bottles are also good value, at £5.99 as well.

Lovehoney's sachets provide the right amount of lube for the job.
Lovehoney’s sachets provide the right amount of lube for the job.

Considering how cheap these lubricants are, you get a really good product. Additionally, Lovehoney typically has deals on top of these base prices—meaning you can save even more money if you take advantage of their offers.

So here is how I would describe each flavour, as well as my personal opinion on each of them:

Strawberry A very delicate-tasting lube that tastes very similar to strawberry flavoured water. The strawberry taste is very sweet, and is definitely more akin to an artificial strawberry taste (as opposed to real strawberries), but it also has a very watery taste to it that stops it from tasting like strawberry laces or sweets. Because of this, the flavour is not too overpowering and provides a subtle-but-sweet taste throughout.

I am not a fan of artificial strawberry flavour at all, so I didn’t really like this lubricant, but I can appreciate its attempts at keeping the taste toned down.

Cherry The cherry flavour is sweeter than the strawberry lube but also much fruitier, which acts as a good counterbalance. The watery taste is still present, but this lube doesn’t taste like flavoured water. It tastes more like the pleasant aftertaste you might get after having a cherry sweet, but it could be sickly for some.

The cherry flavour was more appealing to me than the strawberry one because of its fruity punch (and because of the fact that it’s not strawberry). Still, the sweetness can be off-putting at times, so those without a sweet tooth might not appreciate this lube.

Passion Fruit A very subtle, delicate and fruity taste that is less sweet than both the strawberry and cherry lubes, and has a gentler flavour overall. Because of how subtle this lube tastes it’s capable of providing a consistent flavour without getting too overwhelming. This flavour is fruity, though, so those who prefer a more artificial flavour might not appreciate it as much.

Out of all the Lovehoney flavoured lubricants this one is my favourite. I really like the way it strikes a middle-ground between subtle and strong, fruity and sweet. I tend to use it on days where I still want to enjoy some flavoured lube, but don’t want to be completely distracted from the task at hand.

Peppermint This flavour is rather distinct, and is a sweet peppermint flavour rather than a particularly minty peppermint one. Again, this is one that will appeal to those with a sweet tooth, and might be more to the liking of those who don’t want a fruit-based lube.

This lubricant was nice enough, but was a bit too sweet for my personal preference. I prefer my minty lubricants to be rather minty and this lube was lacking in the minty department.

Chocolate OrangeWhen placing this in your mouth at first there isn’t much taste, but then you are soon greeted with an aftertaste of artificial chocolate flavour. The orange flavour is much more subtle, and presents itself as a sweetness, rather than a strong orange flavour. Again, this lubricant is rather subtle, but is still strong enough to be tasted throughout an oral sex session.

I’m not a fan of artificial chocolate flavours, or sweetness, so this lubricant didn’t do much for me.

Mint Chocolate The first flavour you will get with this lubricant is a light, minty one, accompanied by the aftertaste of artificial chocolate flavour. The sweet minty taste is much more prominent than the chocolate taste but, after a while of use, the two flavours do merge together.

I really dislike this flavour. The initial mint taste (to my taste buds) is almost identical to the numbing gel they stick in your mouth at the dentists before jabbing you with a needle, and that’s not a flavour I want when performing oral on my partner. The chocolate aftertaste is also too artificial and too gentle to act as a consolation prize. Overall this lube did not match with my personal preferences at all.

And that’s that.

All of these lubricants have a slight smell to them (which correlates with their flavour), but this smell is not overpowering, and acts more as an understated addition to the overall experience.

Overall, these lubricants are a decent and affordable way to add a bit of flavour to your oral activities. It’s likely that not every flavour will be a hit in the bedroom but, as I’ve shown, there’s bound to be at least one that is a winner. For me it was the passion fruit. For you? Who knows. But, thankfully, Lovehoney’s  Assorted Flavoured Lubricant Pack means that you can find out yourself, without having to break the bank in the process.

Recommend to:

People experimenting with oral sex.

People who want an affordable but decent flavoured lube.

People who want a vegan flavoured lube.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who want an oral lube that works equally well for vaginal and anal sex.

People who dislike sweet flavours.

People who want a very strong oral lube.

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