A Love Letter to Lube: Give Pleasure’s Oral Pleasure Gel, Raspberry Kiss

The last of the Give Lube products I received was the Oral Pleasure Gel in Raspberry Kiss flavour. Give Pleasure’s Oral Pleasure Gel just so happens to have the prime spot in myA Love Letter to Lube review special (by actually being reviewed on Valentine’s Day). I’m honestly happy about this because I’m pretty jazzed about the whole Give Lube line. My experiences with the Premium Aqua Gel might have been less than ideal, but I appreciate that it’s not the norm and I really think that the vast majority can have a great time with these high quality, body aware lubricants.

The bottle for the Oral Pleasure Gel is as practical and stylish as all Give Lube bottles.
The bottle for the Oral Pleasure Gel is as practical and stylish as all Give Lube bottles.

The Oral Pleasure Gel is a great addition to the Give Lube line, but I’d be lying if I said that you’re guaranteed to like it. If sweetness is your thing then you’re in for a treat. However, if you prefer your oral lubes to have a more subtle taste, or just don’t like sweet flavours, then you might find the Oral Pleasure Gel overwhelming.

But let’s look at the product in more detail.

Give Pleasure’s Oral Pleasure Gel is part of the Give Lube line. Give Lube put a large focus on making their lubricants safe and enjoyable to use. This is the case with their Oral Pleasure Gel too—and this lubricant is Paraben-free, dermatologically tested, and CE marked as medical lubricant, to name just a few things. If you want the full list of benefits then check out the product page here.

One of the things that really stood out for me with this lube was the choice to include “added Panthenol to help counteract bacteria”.

For those not in the know, this lubricant contains Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, and Sodium Saccahrin, which would usually be a problem. All of these ingredients have the potential to cause problems for women who are prone to yeast infections. Glycerin, in particular, is notorious for this (you can find out more about this in my ingredient guide here). However, when it comes to the Oral Pleasure Gel, Give Pleasure has chosen to add extra panthenol in order to try and counter the potential side-effects of these ingredients.

This may not seem like a lot, but so few lubricants think about what goes into their product that it’s a refreshing change when you find a lube that actually cares. I still wouldn’t recommend this lubricant to those who have serious problems with yeast infections, but the increased panthenol means that it should be fine for most people to use during intercourse.

This lubricants main focus, though, is oral (as its ‘raspberry kiss’ tagline should give away), so I’ll be reviewing it primarily as an oral lubricant.

When I poured a bit of this lubricant onto my finger the first thing that struck me was that it’s got a slight, but noticeable, pink tint to it. This is a nice little touch, but it does mean that you’ll want to avoid any spills if using around lightly coloured fabrics.

This lube ha a slightly pink colour and a gel-like consistency.
This lube ha a slightly pink colour and a gel-like consistency.

The lube itself has a nice consistency. As its name suggests, it’s got a gel-like viscosity (though it does run a bit). However, what’s really nice about this lube is that, unlike a lot of other oral lubricants, this lube isn’t sticky or obviously made just for oral, and has enough slide to be used for other things too. It also has a lot of sticking power when used as an oral lubricant, allowing you to enjoy the taste throughout.

However, like I’ve mentioned before, the taste of this lubricant won’t appeal to everyone.

This lube tastes a lot like raspberry laces, or other raspberry gummy sweets, but with an aftertaste that adds a bitter tang. Both the sweetness and the tang can be smelt when using this lube, which is another thing that some may like while others will dislike. The flavour is very sweet, but the bitter tang restricts it from appealing completely to those with a sweet tooth. Meanwhile, those who dislike sweet flavours probably won’t find any appeal in this lubricant.

As lube flavours go I really don’t think that it’s a bad choice. It’s a nice flavour, though I do find the aftertaste a bit strange. It’s also quite a strong flavour, but it isn’t overwhelming. Again, this emphasises the staying factor of this lubricant and you’ll be able to enjoy the taste for a long time.

Though it may sound strange, what I liked most about this lubricant is that it tastes nice even after brushing your teeth.

Lemmie give some context here.

I’ve been loving oral lubricants more and more these days but I also like to brush my teeth before getting hot and heavy with my partner, so that my breath is minty fresh. Sadly, this often means that a lot of oral lubricants either have their taste overpowered by the taste of the toothpaste, or taste entirely different, even unpleasant, because of it (we’ve all had a moment where we’ve ate something after brushing our teeth and realized it was a bad call, it’s the same with lubes). This typically means that I either have to choose between minty breath or a tasty treat when preparing for oral sex. But this is not the case with the Oral Pleasure Gel.

When I used this Oral Pleasure Gel after brushing my teeth I found that this lubricant still kept its sweet taste and, perhaps, even tasted a little bit better. It was as if the lubricant managed to find a way to work with the flavour of toothpaste, resulting in the two complimenting each other, like a mint-raspberry masterpiece.

Now, I’m aware that this is an incredibly personal bit of feedback, and it could vary from toothpaste to toothpaste (if you even brush your teeth before the act). But, regardless, I think it’s worth mentioning this, and maybe it will appeal to some people as much as it did to me.

As unprofessional as it may sound, I can’t find any definitive downsides to this lubricant. It may leave a mark if you spill it on white fabrics, and if you dislike gel-like lubricants then you’ll probably dislike this, but there’s nothing that makes this lubricant objectively bad. The closest I can get is that this lubricant contains Glycerin, but Give Pleasure thought about this and put in extra Panthenol as a preventative method.

With that in mind, what I can say about this lubricant is that its appeal as an oral lube is completely reliant on personal taste.

I’ve had two people try this lube and have to grab for a drink afterwards, because it really wasn’t to their tastes. In contrast I don’t think it’s too bad, and will continue to incorporate it into my play sessions. Another reviewer commented that they really liked the flavour, but their partner really didn’t and was actually off put from oral by its sweetness. It’s all down to personal preference. I can see it appealing to some people and repelling others, so the taste is the only real thing to keep in mind when deciding whether or not to purchase this lube.

Give Pleasure’s Oral Pleasure Gel is a very well thought out (even considerate) lube that has a lot of good points going for it. However, whether or not you like it will depend on your own individual palate, so keep your taste buds in mind when considering this purchase.

Recommend to:

People who want a sweet lubricant.

People who want a versatile oral lube.

People who want a long-lasting oral lube.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike sweet or bitter tastes.

People who prefer their lube to be less gel-like.

People who suffer badly from Yeast Infections.

  • I agree about it being considerate. They knew that glycerin causes problems for some people and they chose to be responsible by adding the Panthenol to counter it. That pleases me. My current partner is skeptical of flavored lubes so I’ll have to pass this up for now, but rasberry is a flavor I’d be willing to try.