A Love Letter to Lube: Give Pleasure’s Silicone+

While Give Pleasure’s Premium Aqua Gel did not agree with my body at all, Give Pleasure’s Silicone+ lived up to the brand name—as it was a pleasure to use.

The sleek appearance of the Silicone+ bottle perfectly matches its performance as a lube.
The sleek appearance of the Silicone+ bottle perfectly matches its performance as a lube.

Silicone+ is part of Give Pleasure’s line of lubricants called Give LubeGive Lube aims to provide body safe, high quality, pleasure enhancing lubricants for our personal enjoyment. Silicone+ doesn’t disappoint in these regards.

This lubricant is dermatologically tested, contains no oils or added fragrances, is free from preservatives, and is CE marked as medical grade lubricant. As with the Premium Aqua Gel, these are just a few of the benefits of this lubricant. If you want to see the full list click here.

While all of the above means that Silicone+ certainly ticks the body safe box, it doesn’t stop there; Silicone+ has even more to offer.

As part of the creation of the Give Lube series, Give Pleasure collaborated with the inventors of the original silicone lubricant in Germany. Silicone+ is based on a formula from these original inventors. You really can’t get much more authentic than that! Silicone+ is made from 3 medical grade silicones with quality being paramount. The result is a high grade lubricant which will really appeal to those who like to know what goes in their lube.

Keeping in line with all my lube tests, I started by finding out whether or not Silicone+ lived up to some of its initial claims, in regards to being colourless, odourless, and flavourless. It was, in fact, colourless and odourless, which I had expected. What I hadn’t expected was for it to be flavourless (a lot of supposedly ‘flavourless’ lubricants tend not to live up to their reputation). However, upon placing it in my mouth I did, indeed, find that it was completely flavourless. Huzzah! I couldn’t be happier.

Silicone+ does leave a slight residue in your mouth, but this goes away quickly enough, and I can’t imagine this would be entirely undesirable when in use. Because of this, I do think this lubricant is suitable for anyone wanting to engage in oral sex, which will be great news for anyone who is eager to do so as part of foreplay but doesn’t want to mess around with multiple wipe downs and various lubricants.

This lubricant has a wonderful consistency about it. The feeling is akin to a fine massage oil, or a luxury powder that you stroke over your body after a hard day’s work (though, to stress the point, there’s no oil in this product).

As part of this review I slathered some of this lubricant on my skin and stroked that area for a while—trying to figure out how to describe what this lubricant feels like. Then it hit me. The feeling of stroking Silicone+ slathered skin is almost identical to the feeling of stroking the Lelo Liv 2. This lubricant literally makes your skin feel like the surface of a luxury sex toy, and that’s friggin’ awesome!

Because this lubricant is silicone it also lasts for a very long time, so it’s suitable for long masturbation sessions, or prolonged couples play, and needs very few (if any) reapplications during intercourse. Both my partner and I really enjoyed using this lubricant during all forms of play, but we enjoyed it most when used for intercourse. I think the best way I can describe it is, where water-based lubricants give sex some extra slide, Silicone+ provides a silky glide. Thrusting motions with this lubricant are friction-free and effortless, yet this lubricant doesn’t sacrifice any sensation and, yes, I would say that it even enhances it.

I’ve also used this lubricant a lot with my Double-O and have found that the two complement each other really well. A Touch of Glass tested both Give Lube’s water-based and silicone lubricant, and they preferred the Premium Aqua Gel.

silicone+ a touch of glass

However, I’m definitely more swayed by the silicone. There’s something about the silky glide that it provides, combined with the firm but smooth feeling of a glass toy, that just really appeals to me personally. However, I’m fairly certain that this could apply to others, and isn’t just a personal preference. Because of this, I’m inclined to say this this lubricant is good to use with glass toys. The combination of sensations makes for an enjoyable play-session, without the worry of repeated reapplication.

But, as much as I like this lubricant, there are some potential downsides that I need to go over.

Unlike its water-based relative, Silicone+ is a rather runny lubricant, that can drip and slip out of your hands if you’re not careful. This can be an issue, because Silicone+ has the potential to leave an oil-like stain on some surfaces, so you need to be careful when using it. In addition to this, some people may want a thicker or more gel-like lubricant—in which case, the Premium Aqua Gel is probably the better choice.

Another hilarious slide effect of the slipperiness of this lubricant is that, sometimes, a little bit of the lubricant can dribble onto the bottle for this lubricant. Then, suddenly, you find yourself playing ‘catch the lube’ as it slips and slides through your hands. I found this more funny than irksome, but if you’re in the heat of the moment and unexpectedly find yourself fighting to keep your hands on your lube then this might not be as novel.

Because this lubricant is silicone you also need to wash it off after use. Again, I didn’t find this to be a big issue. Because Silicone+ doesn’t itch or go sticky over time (instead continuing to make your skin feel like a certain luxury vibe) I really didn’t find it a problem to have this lube on my body for a while after play, before washing it off. But, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to worry about clean up after sex, and would rather just snuggle, then this could be a downside for you.

The last problem I could see with this lubricant isn’t really a fault with Silicone+ as much as it is a general problem with all silicone lubricants—namely that you shouldn’t use them with silicone toys. I own a lot of silicone toys, I’ve grown quite attached to them, and I use them in all aspects of sex. So to suddenly go from loads of silicone toys to no silicone toys was a bit jarring for me. But, again, this isn’t really a problem with the lubricant. Most people buying silicone lubricant go into the purchase knowing full-well that they won’t be able to use their silicone toys with the lube, so this is more of a personal side note than a strike against Silicone+.

All-in-all Silicone+ is a brilliant, body safe, affordable product that makes skin feel like satin and sex feel even better. I’d recommend it to anyone who is looking for an affordable silicone lubricant, and applaud Give Pleasure for producing such a fantastic silicone lube. With products like this It’s no wonder they’re award winning.

Recommend to:

People looking for a body safe lubricant.

People are conscious about ingredients.

People with sensitive skin.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike runny lubricants.

People who don’t want to worry too much about post-sex clean-up.

People who rely heavily on silicone toys.

  • Aww. Odorlessness/flavorlessness is a huge pro for my partnered sex play, but I don’t really want something that can stain sheets. *pouts*

    • emmelinepeaches

      While it can stain sheets I’ve not had a problem with it, so (as a bit of unofficial advice) if you’re careful then you’ll probably be fine.