A Love Letter to Lube: Give Pleasure’s Premium Aqua Gel

Give Lube's lubricants come in stylish, practical bottles and sachets.
Give Lube’s lubricants come in stylish, practical bottles and sachets.

As part of the ‘A Love Letter to Lube’ review series, Give Pleasure was kind enough to provide us with samples of their Premium Aqua Gel, Silicone+, and Oral Pleasure Gel from the Give Lube line. This generous gesture is greatly appreciated, not least because of the high standards that Give Pleasure  sets with its products.

In a pledge to provide the highest quality in personal lubricants possible, Give Pleasure partnered with an eminent German manufacturer. This manufacturer invented the first ever silicone lube, and continues to provide superb standards in all of their products to date. This really shows in the Give Lube range—as every one of the Give Lube products that I received are sleek, well-bottled, and provide information about the lubricant’s ingredients right on the bottle.

Give Pleasure also won the first ever Editor’s Award at the ETO show in 2013, which stands as a testament to their commitment and dedication to the adult industry.

So, how did their products stand up in use? As part of  ‘A Love Letter to Lube’, I’ll be reviewing each of Give Lube products that I received individually throughout this week, starting with the Premium Aqua Gel.

Give Pleasure’s Premium Aqua Gel

Give Lube's Premium Aqua Gel has a lot of good points.
Give Lube’s Premium Aqua Gel has a lot of good points.

There’s a lot to like when it comes to Give Pleasure’s Premium Aqua Gel. This water-based lubricant is paraben free, glycerine free, dermatologically tested, PH optimised, and is actually CE marked medical-grade lubricant. That’s a lot of positive stuff, and I haven’t even listed all of this lubricant’s benefits! If you want to know more, check out the product page here, so you can get the full facts.

Give Pleasure’s Premium Aqua Gel claims to be colourless and odourless, which it is, but it also claims to be suitable for oral sex, which it most certainly is not.

This lubricant isn’t flavourless, and is rather unpleasant on the taste buds. It has a strong chemical tang that hits you as soon as it touches your tongue. Having spoken to Give Lube on Twitter, this taste is, apparently, the aloe vera, which makes a lot more sense than the chemical taste that it first appeared to be. Either way, this probably wouldn’t bode well for those wanting to go down on their partner.

But, as Meatloaf said, two outta three ain’t bad.

The consistency of this lubricant is delightful. It’s not as thick as Durex’s Massage Gel, and it does run if left on the finger, but it has enough thickness to give it real staying power. In use this made me and my partner feel like our genitals were being slathered with a generous layer of gel; one that was going to last a long time and provide a reasonable level of slide.

The consistency of this lubricant is slightly runny, but still fits into the 'gel' category.
The consistency of this lubricant is slightly runny, but still fits into the ‘gel’ category.

This lubricant is great for external use during foreplay, and doesn’t require a massive amount of re-applies (unlike some lubricants on the market). Anyone who incorporates lubricant as a large part of their masturbation method will most likely enjoy this lubricant, as the texture it provides is great for prolonged intimate play.

When using toys this lubricant is also very useful, and provides a generous amount of slipperiness that works well with silicone, plastic, and glass toys (to name a few). In fact A Touch of Glasspurveyors of fine glass dildos—consider Give Pleasure’s Premium Aqua Gel to be the ultimate in lubricants for complimenting their luxury glass products.


However, my experience with the Premium Aqua Gel was less than ideal.

When using this lubricant externally everything was fine, and I was able to really enjoy the slide that this lube provided. However, when I went to use it internally I was immediately greeted with a rather strong stinging sensation which wouldn’t go away.

I tried to persist and continue to enjoy the ride, but a minute later the pain was too great and I had to time out and clean myself up. I also experienced some itching sensations afterwards, which lasted for a few hours.

Because I’m a professional (and because, apparently, I value giving a fair review over my own safety) I decided to try this lubricant a few more times to see if it produced the same result and, I’m afraid to say, it did. It was fine when I used it externally, but as soon as it went anywhere near my vaginal canal stinging wasn’t far behind.

I have to stress that this is a rather unusual situation. I’ve only heard of it happening to one other reviewer, and they found that the stinging wasn’t present the second time they used it. My partner reported no stinging or tingly sensation, and many other reviewers have used this lubricant without issue. It just didn’t agree with my body at all.

This is an honest to God shame, because this lubricant has a lot going for it. A lot of thought has gone into the ingredients of this lube, the bottle is practical, easy to use, and inconspicuous, and this lube’s viscosity is gel-tastic. Nevertheless, if you have incredibly sensitive skin, like I do, then this lubricant might protest when in use, with an unwelcome stinging surprise.

To the majority, Give Pleasure’s Premium Aqua Gel will make a delightful addition to their toy box. But, to a select few (myself included) the benefits of this lubricant just can’t outweigh pain.

Recommend to:

People looking for a high quality water-based lubricant.

People who enjoy gel-like lubes.

People who care about the ingredients in their lubricant.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who have highly sensitive skin.

People looking for an oral lubricant.

People who like their lube to be thin or very runny.

Update: According to Give Lube’s Twitter I am the only person so far who has reported this particular problem, so I really do want to stress that what happened to me is an incredibly rare incident (one of a kind, as it goes).

  • Hey, thanks for linking to my post in your review!

    The time I had a burning sensation from this lube pretty much sealed its fate with me: I pretty much always avoid using what we have left because I get anxious that it’ll happen again. I do think Give Pleasure make great products but not all lubes work for all bodies. It is indeed a damn shame it won’t work with you, no matter how much you try.

    Hopefully you won’t have a problem with their silicone+ stuff, but I did so I don’t know how it’ll affect you.

    • emmelinepeaches

      Hi, thanks for taking the time to reply to my review. I really appreciate it!

      It is a real shame that this lubricant didn’t work with my body, because I can tell it’s a brilliant product, but it just produces pain for me.
      Their silicone lubricant has actually worked really well for me (and with luck I’ll be able to publish my review of it tomorrow).

      It’s a shame that neither worked well for you. Different bodies, different reactions I guess.