Toy Review: DOUBLE-O from A Touch of Glass

When it comes to sex toys, sometimes you just want to make a long-term investment in a luxury item that you can depend on for its high quality and endurance. Glass toys are a great option in this regard, and the products at A Touch of Glass, shine through with their form and finish.

A Touch of Glass declares their class with a level of refined professionalism that can’t help but make you go “I say!” in the poshest accent you can muster.

A Touch of Glass claims to provide ‘Glass Dildos of Distinction’ and I dare say this isn’t far from the truth. Their entire range of products is hand-picked by the discerning ladies who run this shop, and each one is individually crafted and comes with a lifetime guarantee.Not that you need worry about these toys breaking easily.

The glass used in these products is a medical grade, lead-free, crystal glass called ‘borosilicate glass’. It’s non-toxic, non-porous, hypoallergenic, and incredibly durable when it comes to extreme temperature change and physical shock. Put simply, these dildos are sturdy as well as stunning.

The toys at A Touch of Glass may seem a bit pricey at first, but the quality of them, coupled with the lifetime guarantee, means that they’re a long term investment that pays for themselves over time. In addition to this you can get 50% off your next purchase if you write a review for the product you previously bought, making A Touch of Glass the company that keeps on giving.

I was generously provided the DOUBLE-O in exchange for an honest review, and there’s no doubt in my mind that it is a classy treat. So, without further ado, lets jump into the review.


There is no way that the Double-O couldn't be mistaken as anything but a luxury toy.
There is no way that the Double-O couldn’t be mistaken as anything but a luxury toy.

When I first held my DOUBLE-O (which I’ll call ‘Double-O’ from now on) one word came to mind, and that word was ‘exquisite’.  This dildo is beautiful, and has a real elegance about it. It’s not too weighty, it’s gorgeously coloured (a striking emerald green), and its curves and contours make it an aesthetic delight. I usually don’t make a big fuss about how my toys look, but I’d happily display this along with my Elden if I could (I think the colours would work well with each other).

The Double-O comes with two different textures—a raised spiralled texture on one side and elevated bumps on the other. Each side had a bulbous end that tapers off into a rounded tip, making insertion a breeze. With these two different textures you’re essentially getting two toys for one, and can switch sides whenever it takes your fancy.

The textures of the Double-O are delightful.
The textures on the Double-O are delightful.

My personal favourite is the bumps, and I find these nodules are excellent for clitoral play. The spiralled side is good for this two, but I just love the frequency of the bumps.  Sliding a bit further up the toy—including the bulbous ends of the dildo—can also add a lot of pleasure to the experience, as can sliding the entire length of the dildo across your clitoris—allowing for a taste of both textures.

It’s in moments like that where I really applaud the design of the Double-O, as well as its size. At 7.5 inches I did worry a tad that this toy might be a bit too big for my personal preference. However, when you actually see this toy, it’s surprisingly modest and well suited for both clitoral play and penetration.

Of course I tried a bit of temperature play when it came to inserting this toy.

I heated it up, cooled it down, and used it at its natural temperature to compare the difference.  When this toy was cooled down I found that its texture was a lot more noticeable, as every motion sent a tingle up my spine. It was a thrill. In comparison, when it’s heated up, the heat tends to take priority over the texture and I find myself both comforted and aroused by the warm delight that this toy provides. Call me old-fashioned, but I do prefer this toy when it’s heated up, just because of how cosy it is.

At its natural temperature the toy doesn’t strike a medium between hot and cold, like you might expect. Instead it keeps the strong focus on texture that cooling it down causes, but without the accompanying chill.

In all cases this toy heated and cooled very quickly, and maintained its temperature for a reasonable time. More than enough time for your average sex-session, I would think.

One of the plus sides of a glass toy is that you can use silicone lubricant with it. I found that using silicone lube with the Double-O was incredibly satisfying. The toy was receptive to the lube, allowing for a smooth slide, but without it detracting from any of the texture. Then again this may vary from lube-to-lube.

Water-based lubricant also works well with this toy, but, personally, I think silicone lubricant is really what this toy does best with.

When inserted vaginally this toy comes into its element. The textures of the toy tease you delightfully as they make their way into your body, and don’t disappoint when thrusting. Meanwhile, the curve of this toy is perfect for G-Spotting. Some people have even claimed that this toy has allowed them to squirt for the very first time, which is fantastic.

In my case, though, the Double-O didn’t give me the magic O when it came to my G-spot, but the product shouldn’t really be blamed for this. What you need to understand is that my clitoris is a greedy beast that has stolen all of my orgasms over the years while my G-spot sits there bewildered, wondering what just happened. Regardless, I can feel this toy on my G-spot when it’s inserted, so I know that is has the potential to cause mind blowing G-spot orgasms for those more receptive than I. This is just a case of different bodies, different reactions.

The Double-O is an elegant, refined, double delight that is beautifully crafted and brilliantly designed. I know I’m going to have a lot more fun with it over the years, and I’m sure some of you would be able to as well.

Recommend to:

People who enjoy dual use toys.

People who enjoy sensation play.

People who want a G-Spot toy.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who need vibrations in their toys.

People who want an anal suitable toy (this toy isn’t)

People who aren’t interested in female-centric toys.

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  • Thank you for taking the time to review Double-O. We appreciate it.

    Jenny D (A TOUCH OF GLASS)

    • emmelinepeaches

      It was a pleasure. ;)

  • I love emerald green, so the Double-O has my vote for prom queen. Such a pretty color! I like that it’s 2 toys in one as well. More bang for your buck!